You are an inspiration, I sincerely hope your thyroid balances and your hair grows back, if not…
Amanda Stroud

Hi Amanda!

Always so nice to see you on here :)

Thank you so much for the inspiring and kind words. I am grateful for you and for the opportunity to connect with you on Medium! You are just as beautiful and gorgeous and amazing!

Well I followed my own dating advice I wrote in a piece a while back haha and took a risk. The risk paid off in a huge way, and I got lucky enough to get to meet someone who accepts all of me. This is truly rare when it happens, but I am a firm believer of paying attention to what the universe is bringing into our lives, both good and bad. It is all for a reason. I have alluded to him a few times in the past few writings. He drew the picture for me in “A Letter to my Future Love.” That letter was for him actually. So it is actually just one man haha but you know what — just one person can make a monumental difference in our lives :)

Let’s stay in touch, I always enjoy talking with you! My email is if you ever want to speak more privately off of Medium. I am looking to build a network of strong women friends :)



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