What I know about this alleged “bi-polar” condition comes primarily from people who write about it…
Ron Collins

Interesting perspective! I would encourage you to read my stuff. But only if you want to. I am definitely, unequivocally not a spoiled brat. Let’s remember it’s just a TV show and my comment was meant to be funny :)

Bipolar is a medical condition — just as diabetes, heart disease, and pancreatic cancer are. People like myself take medication, go to therapy, and take it damn serious. I am militant about my treatment so that I may live as mentally healthy as possible. But, just like diabetics sometimes suffer ketoacidosis, heart disease patients can have a heart attack, or pancreatic cancer comes out of remission, bipolar has the same pathological presentation. It’s called an “episode” which I’m not particularly fond of. I prefer “my illness has come out of remission.”

Kari Ann

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