In preparation for our #W3DC crusade ViRSE the virtual world and app store, driven by its VIR currency and ViRSEWARE line of 3D mobile devices is preparing it’s affiliate marketing drive at Affiliate Summit 2020.

Coined the Ambassador program, ViRSE citizen’s who do not posses creative or technical skills, will, in future, have the ability to purchase digital assets known as ViRSIONS, that once sold out on SHOP.ViRSE can be traded or exchanged on ViRSE’s secondary market, ViMarket.

Once in possession of a ViRSION, each unit that makes up the total hard cap of published inventory will have a value…

London, United Kingdom.

ViRSE the Virtual world, ViMarket asset exchange, powered by their ViTokenex exchange and VIR crypto currency are launching their developer roadshow as one of a number of global initiatives, the company has planned for 2020!

First stop is Pocket Gamer London on tomorrow Monday January 20th.

Joining fellow sponsors such as Facebook gaming ViRSE is excited to make it’s presence at the show this year, even bigger!

Celebrity designer and TV personality Tracy Hutson is launching an innovative VR and Social-Commerce platform “ViRSE” at the Consumer Electronics show this week. Using the ViRSE App, users can configure and share their homes , outfits and other products they dream of — Virtually.

ViRSE utilizes photorealistic 3D models of real-life, branded items such as furniture, clothing and accessories to allow users to simulate ownership and share to their social network for feedback, discounts and rewards.

ViRSE has even launched ViRSEWare, a proprietary line of stereoscopic 3D mobile devices that enhance the Virtual Shopping experience even further. “I partnered with ViRSE because I see the power that their technology has to allow regular people to obtain professional results in multiple aspects of their lives and bypass consultants like me” says Hutson. “Why would people pay a designer or a stylist when they can virtually do the same job themselves with ViRSE plus get reviews from their peers, BEFORE they spend their hard earned money”

The Beta release of ViRSE and ViRSEWare devices will be shared at…

Revolutionary Virtual shopping platform, ViMarket, has announced that its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is being relaunched. An announcement regarding the new dates and details in expected by the end of this month.

A key driver for this decision was recent guidance from US regulators particularly the SEC, which contests the legitimacy of the “utility token” exemption and indicates that most are in fact securities. ViMarket’s current ICO presale commenced January 9th followed by a successful launch event during the Consumer Electronics Show on January 11th, but promotion was muted shortly thereafter regarding the US authorities position relative to ICO’s. As…

Do your purchased ViTokens(VIT) not show up in your MEW? Don’t worry, adding custom tokens to MEW is a standard process, which is fast and hassle-free.

Follow the official MEW guide here:

Tokens symbol: VIT
Decimal: 18


1. On the “Send Ether & Tokens” page on MEW, click View Balance Only (Must use one of above options to send) and paste your address. 2.In the sidebar, click the link under Transaction History or How to See your Tokens. 3. Click the dropdown in the right-upper quadrant. It’s labeled Token Tracker. 4. Click the token that you…

Spread the word and earn bonus ViTokens. Become an ambassador in 2 easy steps and grow with ViMarket.

How to get your referral link:

  1. Sign up on ViMarket at

2. Click Referrals on your dashboard and get your affiliate link.

Buying ViTokens(VIT) is fast and simple. Here’s how you can buy VIT in 4 steps.

  1. Sign up on and keep your Ethereum wallet address handy.

2. Great! Now click Purchase on the top right of your dashboard. You would also be eligible for Bonus tokens depending on the date of your transaction.

We are thrilled to announce that our Pre-ICO of is now active. Join us as we disrupt the retail marketing forever. Shop virtually and save in reality.

Thanks to the exceptional Pre-Sale response, our inventory of 10,000 BONUS VR GEAR is running out than expected. Buy ViTokens now and lock in your bonus.

Participate in ViMarket Pre-ICO and get an exclusive invite to the VIP investor dinner and after-party at CES, Last Vegas. Meet the fellow token-holders and get a sneak peek into ViMarket’s phenomenal Stationbuilder, the brilliant Flighdeck and Vizor VR other upcoming products.

That’s not all, we are giving away the brilliant VR hardware Flightdeck VR to VIT token-holders.

Date: Jan 11, 2018.

Venue: Tao Restaurant, Venetian Casino, Las Vegas.

Who’s eligible: Pre-sale and Pre-ICO contributors with minimum 1 ETH contribution are eligible. Flash your confirmation email to enter.

ViMarket is disrupting the retail marketing forever. Shop virtually and save in reality with ViMarket.

Buy ViToken(VIT) in 3 simple steps:

Step 1
  1. Visit and click on “Lock in hardware bonus” or scroll down the page.


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