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A design framework to allow pro sports teams to take preventative measures to players’ health

Situated in the Bay Area and counting Joe Lacob and Chamath Palihapitiya as its owners, the Golden State Warriors are the perfect team to leverage wearable device technology to optimize their players’ health — and they have. The team uses a range of wearables that track everything from players’ workout recovery to their heart rate to their sleep patterns. Data analysts filter through the data produced by these devices, find patterns, and present these findings to the training staff — sometimes in rapid progression as decisions can be timely.

For example, NBA teams, such as the Warriors, may clip Catapult to the players’ jersey in practice to calculate a variety of metrics; velocity, acceleration, change of direction and total distance travelled. Using this, Catapult creates a score to gauge the amount of stress a player is putting on their body. Training staff can then use this information to make decisions — like, whether or not they should rest the player during the next game. …

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Messenger updates, monetization, sponsored content


Facebook has recently made subtle, yet highly impactful moves in the ad space this month. 3 major highlights in August itself:

  • AUG 4: Declaration to de-prioritize and crack down on “clickbait” headlines by adjusting their news-feed algorithm
  • AUG 9: Intro to new ad-block system that restores choice to consumers on what we want and do not want to see
  • Aug 16: Facebook rolls out messengers first attempt at direct advertising; ‘Ad Bots’:

While these adjustments put many consumers at ease, some of these features were a major let-down for brands across all sizes. To put in some perspective, 43% (189.3 million) clicks to Buzzfeeds platform came from Facebook’s social click-baits.

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The Case for Skills-Based Learning

*Recap: In March 2016, I along with 12 other colleagues (across multiple disciplines) decided to launch Queen’s University’s inaugural Hackathon. We faced many challenges along the roada mere byproduct of our attempt to bring a new trend into a smaller, lesser-known town with minimal resources and a short time window. With continued persistence and resourcefulness, we were able to bring this across the finish line and launch a successful first year. Today, QHack’s has become one of the largest Hackathons in North America, with over 900 attendees over a 3-day weekend and sponsors that include Microsoft, Google, and SunLife. …

Vibhor Mathur

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