So many writers all over the world, each having a distinct style and diction of expressing. Same goes with the blogs and bloggers.

This world around us is somehow overloaded with talent and capabilities in every field. Be it dancing, singing, writing, acting and what not. Even though everything is preoccupied, still the distinctiveness of every individual marks their ground of standing out.

This is the reason i never wanted to start a blog. I knew i could write but i also knew that nobody cares about it, except for me and some friends. I joined MEDIUM for the reason that my audience will be limited but who knew that not even a single individual on this platform cares about what other people can write. I think even the website is not concerned.

The idea of blogging was hackneyed for me. I do not want a thousand or a million people reading what i write, i just want to express my words on a platform which actually cares.


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