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Hi Mohammed thanks for your comment.

There was no specific instance, just a build of notable events throughout the year which lead me to make that joke publicly, it was one several of us in the community have been making behind closed doors.

I think the statements which you say are broad were appropriate for the topic and length of post, it was not necessary to provide any specifics as clarification and I disagree with you in that I believe no amount of clarification would have improved the ensuing conversations.

However, your point about the possibility of creating a standard framework is an interesting one that several have commented upon, it got me thinking about it as different people perceive expertise in different ways relative to them.

In my opinion the people that took offense at my post are in no way developing anything tangible in the blockchain space and/or are unnecessarily defensive about their positions in the industry, none of them demonstrated any significant level of understanding of blockchain. One blockchain expert on my post commented the cryptography is not important in blockchain (paraphrasing) and then he blocked me, however his comments are still visible to see.

All the people and companies I know who are developing real products and are producing results were not offended at all, neither do any of them call themselves blockchain experts/specialists.

I don’t think my post was perceived as an elitist judgement by those who are secure in themselves as individual human beings. I did not criticise anybody, I did not pass judgement, I gave a summary insight from my experiences and concluded by opening up a discussion on it.

As for myself and my background and experience in this young industry, I never once brought up myself so as to not distract from the conversation itself. It’s enough that people can click on my profile and see that I’m not an outsider.

From my perspective and judging by the responses I’ve received, it seems like I have more silent support than before.

I very much appreciate your input and will keep thinking about your points whether I agree with them or not :)