WWDC 2017 — Some Thoughts
Steven Sinofsky

Thank you for the balanced and insightful writeup.

The frameworks that Apple has developed should be seen more as entry points into emerging technologies rather than as fully-baked. Together, they allow relatively new developers to rapidly (!) develop applications that will pushing and further these technologies over the next few years. As a former developer (I am currently teaching myself Xcode and Swift because I want to develop an iOS app) it is clear that Apple has done some very excellent work here, and the next few releases will most likely build on these early steps. Xcode 9 beta shows great capabilities, as does Swift 4. These are both world-class technologies but the frameworks enable incredible work by talented developers.

If you are a new to software development, do yourself a favor and just start playing with Xcode and Swift. You can do this on your own, but you will greatly benefit from a couple of widely available free courses to get the lay of the land. Playgrounds in Xcode take me right back to the much less-capable world of Lisp programming, which took some serious personal investment to write any substantial code …not so with Xcode. It is so *easy” now that we are about to be inundated by even more iOS apps by solo developers learning and earning. What a great time to be alive (ignoring politics for the moment).

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