The first I ever heard of the Dakota Access Pipeline was actually on Facebook. It was a ViralThread or Now This video about how everyone’s up in arms over clowns and trans bathroom use, but no one is caring about what was going on with the pipeline protest.

Today, right before class, my newsfeed flooded with directions on how to properly use the Standing Rock Facebook check-in. I never saw the check-ins, just the guidelines on how to check in publicly to confuse the police, but how to set your “hey I’m okay and nowhere near the pipeline” to just your friends so you don’t self-sabotage all the work you just did. What’s the purpose? Confuse the police who are targeting prayer groups out at standing rock.

When Shailene Woodley got arrested for protesting the pipeline, it was trending on Facebook. She trended again as she described the strip-search that was performed on her in custody. When Amy Goodman — a JOURNALIST — was ARRESTED FOR COVERING THE PROTEST, that was trending on Facebook as well.

Honestly, Facebook has been insturmental in my learning of what’s happening at the pipeline. Although they don’t cover the myriad ways everything about it as wrong (We took everything from the Native Americans; we gotta do this, too guys? Really?) Facebook at least covers it, and was among the first wave of media who acutally bothered to start publicizing this injustice

There have been so many unsavory moments throughout the pipeline protest dogs unleashed, pepper spray. And so many A-listers adding their voices, even if it’s just digitally.