What is the worst thing that a farmer could do? Pick at the plant impatiently, trying to hurry its growth. It takes just as much time as it takes. And what else is required? Winter and spring rains. What is more obnoxious, more disagreeable than winter rain? But without it, there will be no growth. — Bishop Robert Barron

Recently I left a fantastic organization, not of my own free will. Well, my actions were of my free will, but if I had my choice I would have chosen to pay for said actions in any other way short of loosing my job.

However, we must all understand that the decisions we make can lead to circumstances out of our control. Our lives, however misguided they may be, are ours until someone has to put them in check. At that point we no longer have as much control over our own selves as we once did, if we ever even had it to begin with.

If you find yourself in such a place consider it your time in the desert. Use this period to grow. Don’t rush through it looking for the next big opportunity, for the biggest of opportunities is this desert time itself. No matter how difficult it may be to wonder through this painful territory pay attention to what comes from it, each day. Even in the harshest environment beauty can bloom.

Whatever coldness and wetness the world may be throwing your way know this; the most plush of paradises have had their time of winter rain. That winter cold only ensures the longevity of crucial moisture need for life to flourish. That rain is as necessary as the sun that surely follows.

I write this as a reminder to me as much as one for you. On many days these past few months I have felt as if I were drowning, and as much as I have tried to reach dry ground I only managed to pull my loved ones down with me. My saving grace has been by falling down in my knees, beneath all the water, that I have come to truly be able to stand and forge the path through this winter rain. Spring and new life is just around the corner.

Michael Salinas

Originally published on Wordpress