Take a Nap Already!

Not to many working adults have the time to put into practice the one luxury children take for granted. Perhaps this is the one thing they, themselves, truly detest. Naps!

Many of us have seen, first hand, the miraculous medication that midday rest can be to even the rowdiest, loudest, most un-likable of children. They go to bed demons and awaken the most lovable of cherubs, (that is if you buy into the secularly popular characterization of the cherub. I myself see angels as fearsome beings capable of bringing the most formidable of humans to their knees.) But I digress.

Rest is greatly under utilized in our daily sprint to personal success. Yet, one health study after another tout its benefits and importance.

The same can be applied to our spiritual marathon. We rush through prayers in the car on the way to dropping off children to any given variety of daily activities and call it a health spiritual life. A quick prayer while scarfing down lunch is counted as sufficient. We chalk it up to a great conversation with our Heavenly Father, despite how one sided it my be.

How many of us actually take the time to listen to the answers God is giving us? Think of it this way. If your child, age 5, wanted to go swimming in the attic death of winter you would most likely say no. They may throw the most epic of tantrums but you would still insist they stay indoors and take their long overdue nap. And only after that nap would they relinquish their want to become popsicles and come to appreciate the warmth that is your true love for them.

We, as Adults, also need to rest in the love that the Father so willing provides for us. Rest in a good book on faith. Rest in meditation on the mercy of God. Rest in the arms of family till perhaps you actually fall to sleep. Its only when we awaken from such rest that life seems totally out of our hands and in the hands of a being much more capable of leading us to spiritual success.

So, grab a pray pillow,(scripture, prayer book, etc.)and take a nap.



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