There is no way to beat around the bush. From the Hippocratic Oath to Asimov’s three laws, our work in Healthtech revolves around the central belief that all people, regardless of the color of their skin, deserve the same rights, privileges, and care. Unfortunately, we see that this is not the case today. Choice by choice, and step by step we will get there. At Vicert, we operate with 0 tolerance for discrimination of any kind and we pride ourselves for practices around equality and non bias. We live our truth. We stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues and commit to use our actions to aid in the eradication of racism. #blacklivesmatter , #SoftwareCuresTheWorld

Faced with the current pandemic, and following recommendations from the WHO and government alike, many organizations suddenly had to work from home. Many teams, individuals, and processes have had to adapt; what is reassuring is that the majority of them were able to do so. We understand the challenges this situation presents, so in order to help others best make the transition, we have decided to repackage our internal HIPAA overview document for everyone to reassess their setup and audit their overall compliance.

2020 has brought new updates to HIPAA rules and standards, although some have already wavered , we…

That one event you know you can’t miss, that you know will overwhelm you, and for which you are mentally preparing? It’s HIMSS time again! Preparing for HIMSS is always a big deal which is why our timeline is segmented into four elements:

Friends, Partners and Clients — since almost everyone from the health community will be in Orlando it is a great opportunity to reconnect, and have valuable facetime.

Network — meeting new people is what inspires not just our sales team, but the tech team as well. This is why we always try to come in a mixed group — as these brief meetings with new faces tend to morph into constructive technical conversations and solutioning (valuable data to our dev teams to map out health tech pain points and our future r&d projects).

Talks we need to hear — being developers it is not only about continuous integration as a direction but continuous learning 😀 Listening to talks is a great way to stay on track obviously — HOWEVER, the Q&A that follows afterward is the best way to listen to current pain points and hands-on approaches the industry has taken.

Parties! — keep in mind this is a separate segment from Network 😉 Most of us have FOMO when it comes to HIMSS parties. And every year we spend a little extra time searching for interesting ones (aside from those we get invited to of course — those are extra close to our hearts). Usually, by this time we find several lists, but this year we haven’t stumbled upon any so we decided to share our own list instead.

We will update as HIMSS approaches, so send us hints, links, or invites and keep a lookout for daily additions!

While you are browsing the events, we suggest listening to the HIMSS official soundtrack (we love this so bravo to for creating this)!

PS For those of you who are more of a morning person or are…

5 ways to utilize Camunda more efficiently in your microservice architecture

Use cases for workflow engines

When talking about workflow automation, companies and business people usually think about human task management and task lists. And that makes sense since workflow engines are a great tool for that. However, workflow automation is actually much more. Modern workflow engines are lightweight and can operate high volumes at low latency. This makes them applicable for every problem that requires a state machine, whether the main driver of the requirement at hand is business or IT. …

For an intro we suggest to brush up on some reading from our part 1:

Creating a puzzle

Tuning our thinking to the granularity of resources defined in FHIR wasn’t enough. Very soon we encountered our first challenge — making them work together. This is a very important notion in FHIR since the standard considers resource combination as an integral tool in representing healthcare use-cases.

Searching through extensive documentation we identified mechanisms in place providing this function:

  • Reference data type + contained resources
  • Infrastructural resources

Every resource in FHIR has a unique identity and as such a unique URL. Utilizing the reference data…

When a client asked for a Redox Data Chateau service adapter, a lot of new keywords were thrown my way.

We had to look into every detail of “Redox”, “FHIR format”, “Data Models”, “resources” and “Clinical Summary” concepts in order to quickly create a bigger picture where everything needed for our project made sense.

The gist of our first working theory was as follows:

We would receive a FHIR standard conformant request, translate it to a Redox form of request, receive a response from Redox and then translate it back to a FHIR response.

It sounded simple enough and we…

In the healthcare space, there are companies that function as intermediaries that forward claims information from healthcare providers to insurance payers, also known as clearinghouses.

Likewise, if we want to exchange messages between two distributed software components, we need a mediator. This mediator is known as the message broker. It receives incoming messages from a sender and sends them to a receiver. This way the sender and receiver can be totally decoupled.

A message broker acts as an intermediary platform in communication between two applications.

It provides a way for exchanging messages from sending to receiving points. Messaging enables distributed…

React Native is a framework for building mobile applications with JavaScript and leveraging Reactjs. It uses native UI components. If you are familiar with Reactjs, or come from front end development background, Reactjs uses a virtual DOM which acts as a shadow to real DOM available. When an element changes, that change is reflected in the real DOM by Virtual DOM using a node that corresponds to each element. However, in React Native, there is no DOM rather than Native Components which are provided by platforms such as iOS and Android. There are no web views here.

React Native has…

If you’ve ever worked on an android project you must have had the chance to fight the libraries version. Android tried to split the support libraries into smaller pieces, and we got some modularisation, (, ), but this approach has made things more complicated because of the versions. We are well aware of the mess with the backwards-compatibility-libraries v4, v7, v13, v8, v?. Android decided to make androidx to stop this version confusion so every support library like is now androidx.recyclerview.widget.AsyncDifferConfig.

When we talk about react native android part, first we need to make sure we have compileSdkVersion 28 in android/build.gradle file.Then in android/ we need to add these two lines of code :

After this, we need to go to android studio and pick

Refactor > Migrate to AndroidX.

This will convert your app to androidX but we are currently talking about React Native and that means that we have multiple third-party libraries that also needs to be updated. Jetifier is the answer.

After refactoring with the android studio, you should install jetifier.
1. npm install -save-dev jetifier 2. …

It has been a year already since our last “Health in the Cloud” event we organized together with our partners from IBM Bluemix and Watson. Since then, the statistics of healthcare in the cloud have improved exponentially — more and more providers are migrating to the cloud storage and more and more Cloud vendors are claiming their HIPAA and HITECH compliance, promising security and savings.

Obviously, the saving aspect is true, however, what about the security and compliance of it all? There are numerous HIPAA checklists you can take to make sure you have done all that is needed. If…

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