Answers that I would never say to my friends about looking for a job

I would like to tell this to them, but I feel that I would offend them.

There’s the list:

  1. Is not that I’m closing to myself. Is just that I don’t give a fuck about the theme anymore. Let me be myself, for fuck safe.
  2. I know it’s fancy, it’s amazing to have your own house. Yes, I know what it feels because I owned a house once, but… I don’t give a fuck about it, ok?
  3. About point 2: To be honest, I don’t want to live in Mexico anymore. That’s my point, and that’s something that you would not understand even if I explain it for days. Believe me, I don’t find future, my future here. You say it before: Life is even more expensive in all this fucking country.
  4. If being a translator is not starting with something, then working in an Oxxo is starting with something? O.O

Is not that I don’t give a damn about your opinion. I really appreciate it, but:

  • I don’t share your vision of the world.
  • I’m not so fond of having a boss.
  • I have the opinion that being a freelancer may be so difficult, but in a long term will report earnings and an independent life.

I truly respect your opinions, but please, don’t tell me again that being a freelancer is a loss of time, that is for vagabonds, that with it you will not have vacations, social security, and all that supposed advantages from a (unfairly) paid work. I’m on it three fucking years, and I didn’t give up, not yet. I had jobs that paid me well and others that paid me bad, but it’s part of the experience I’m earning at my 28 years.

I’ve started with something, a long term something, and I’ll be on it until the last consequences.

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