Are we really ready for this?

I have to say that if I’ve decided to write this on English is because I feel that I need to share it in the most well known language (alongside with French and my mother language, Spanish). It’s MY opinion which I’l share here, not the opinion of an entire nation.

Now, if things are clear for you (or I hope so; if you don’t, it’s not my problem), let’s start with this…

When Justin Trudeau made the announcement of Canada’s retirement from the (in-damn-itself)NAFTA some hours ago in order to re-negotiate it with Donald Trump and protect the nation’s, my people was ranting, arguing the need of throw out the USA and Canadian companies like Starbucks, Burger King, McDonalds, Wal Mart, etc., from Mexico (yep, I’m from Mexico, the so-called country of corruption, thieves, yada yada yada).

My reaction to the news was not actually of disbelief, fury nor sadness. My reaction was of understanding. When you rule over a nation, it’s natural to seek the best for your people, specially when you have a neighboring country with a ranting-in-Twitter-addicted guy as president.

For disgrace, that’s NOT MY COUNTRY’S CASE. In fact, I dare to say that this sort of situation everybody, including Peña and company, saw it come. They know that they fucked up in less than 5 years; the evidence is the weakening of the Mexican Peso in its most down point in the nation’s history, the second one since Carlos Salinas de Gortari’s government in the 80’s-90’s, and the rise to the gas prices and with it the rise in food, electrical service, water service, even telecommunications, a rise that any low and middle-class family would support if things follow in the pace it goes.

But there’s something that the whole people, even myself, forgot: This situation actually was the consequence of the bomb created by Salinas, a bomb that neither Vicente Fox nor Felipe Calderon DIND’T WANT to carry, and Peña just blew up in record time. A bomb that us (and I include myself), the Mexican people, saw but ignored it with our “valemadrismo” (I don’t give a fuck-attitude) and with the ill expectation that it’s only the government’s work when actually it’s ours too.

In short: We, people and government, fucked up our nation in different ways. For our side, we did it when we were (and we are) divided between the “peñabots” (Peña’s fans) and the “chairos” (Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s fans and people who is not fan of Peña or Obrador or anyone else that come from the political class) rather than unify and demand the guy in turn to watch over our country’s well being. We did it with our little corruption acts like giving “mordidas” (bribes) to the transit police, with our complete disrespect between ourselves as citizens and with our valemadrismo towards the poorest, the favourite target of the political parties to whom they give money,free clothes and free food in change for their vote.

For the government side, they did it when they decided to give up the oil sources to transnationals rather than invest in refineries and process it ourselves; they did it when they allowed to the country’s most powerful families to keep the 90% of the oil sales’ money for themselves rather than demand that 90% for the people since it was supposed that the oil and its royalties are ours. And they did it since they decided to apply the law in “picking-cherry” style.

Now that things are fucking up so (scarely) quickly, Peña announced strategies to “save” the nation’s economy… Too late.

No, Peña, no va a funcionar (No, Peña, it will not work). It will not work because if you should have do it since the beginning of your government, or if the other presidents would do it when they were in turn, this situation, this downfall would not have happen.

If they would have applied strategies like the search for new bussiness partners, new political and comercial alliances with some countries interested in receive our production, the support to local production (actually abandoned) and, I dare to say, the leaving of NAFTA, an alliance that DIDN’T BENEFIT US THE PEOPLE (because let’s be honest: it only benefits to the political class, which earns circa MXN$150,000 per month and which has some ties with the narco and some investment in certain enterprises) at the beginning, this riot would not have happen.

But it happened, and there’s nothing left to do except our will as people to fight working up our own bussiness ideas and supporting the local production.

If we really want.

P.S: Si te ofendió mi opinión, guárdate tus insultos y pasa la página.

If my opinion offended you, keep your insults and pass the page.

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