I am Indian American, and it’s 2017. But I still get asked ‘What are you?’
Washington Post

I can understand that feeling. I’m a Mexican… But I don’t seem like one. My skin is white, a little taned by the sun. I live in Yucatan, a place where the 90% of the population is Maya, and is short in height.

It happened to me twice in Downtown. Two “tourist-hunters” or artcraft vendors asked me where I am from. When I told them that I am from here, they look at me in disbelief. “You don’t look like us”, one of them told me. “You look more European, more like the north’s folks” (In the North of Mexico there are more white than non-white people).

Also in the Mayan Riviera they didn’t believe me that I was from Yucatan. A waiter told me that he thought I was from Spain or from Nuevo León.

In effect, I am an European descendant, from both my parent’s sides. But also I am an indigenous, African and Asiatic descendant from my mother’s side.

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