Thinking about how to pay a debt… Quickly, not in 3 years-term

Yep, I have a bank debt. A debt of MXN$50,000 plus $33,850 in interests; more or less USD$4100, USD$8000. A debt I didn’t want to have. A (un)necessary debt in order to have money for the moving from a house to another, even if that house us pretty more expensive than another city area.

And you know what’s the worst thing of this? That I’m desperate to pay it quickly, even if I acquired it recently (two weeks and a half ago).

Problem? My translator’s fee is not enough to pay it. I haven’t sold anything of my Society 6 (except a framed art print)and Vida shops, even knowing that sales are slowly. Also I’m looking for a middle time job while I get my license (even if the people didn’t want to hire a self-employed person).

So, what could I do?

That’s the thinking of my whole days and nights.

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