Day Four

I am now starting to get familiar with Andela. I have stopped feeling new. Today Michael told us the games we play in morning relate to the work place. Things such as teamwork, focus, having priorities e.t.c which made a lot of sense.

Godson took us through the technical bit of training for the day which focused on class constructors and prototypes. We also learnt how to create an instance of a class. Creating a class makes it easier to create objects in case the objects to be created share most of the properties. This makes the code look cleaner and more organized. We did a few practice questions on classes and prototypes and learnt about function callbacks. Godson left us with a practice question on loops and conditional statements before disappearing. Good thing is that he sent some people from class one to help us in case anyone got stuck.

There’s not much I can say about day 4 because we did not make any presentations before the class. Oooooh and before I forget, lunch was awesome, really awesome, but , but I came in late and did not get chips :(. That’s day four. I am really hoping that I am going to make it past this week. And tomorrow I am going to change “Andela with the ball” to become “Andela with the bomb”… hehe evil me. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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