End of week one

The week flew man, but was enough for me to get the general picture of Andela. One, people at Andela are very welcoming. I love the vibe at Andela. People are full of positive energy. Two, Andela tries to distinguish itself from most of the traditional software development companies in Kenya by making sure that the Andela fellows are all rounded in terms of soft skills and technical skills. Both are equally important. Three, the catering department knows what its doing.

Lets recap the week, my progress to be specific. On Tuesday I made a not so good presentation, today I felt composed when delivering my presentation, which felt promising because there’s still more room for me to grow in terms of soft skills. Then to the technical bit of training, I learnt new concepts such as forking projects from github and why version control is important in the process of software development. TDD is another new addition to my skill-set when writing code. These are things I had never done before, I even come up with a new team building activity for the early morning session — “Andela with the bomb!!!”. Told you I’d pull that move hehe.

Today we learnt about profiling and writing code in such a way that the program takes the shortest time possible to load. Optimization I think. Profiling is important since it reduces the program load time thereby reducing frustrations in whoever is using your software. Then to the tricky part. We(Andela class 3 boot campers) had been told on Monday that some of us would not make it to week two. And today is when people were being ‘axed’. I am happy though to have made it to week two. On Monday I’ll ask for feedback on my weak points so I can fix them. I want to go past the boot camp and become a world class developer. Tha’ts it for week one. I am looking forward to week 2.