I was considering the 35 muslim camps around the US that are training jihadists and gearing up for…
Tamara Wilhelm

I read responses like this and look for signs that there is a “LOL” somewhere embedded in the post, a candid camera moment that will pop up and say “it’s all a joke” But alas I fear that Tamara and people like you are deadly serious in your paranoia.

What is the root of this thinking? Who is causing you to have these beliefs? Does modern America have so little to offer you in the manner of its being that you think 330 Million American citizens would somehow magically allow themselves to be ruled by arcane rules of Sharia?

I find this shocking and beyond the pale. Not only would the conservative movement of the US be completely against any move towards Sharia, every left wing American in this country firmly believes in separation. Of church and state. So wheee does this fear come from? What is the basis for it? Please help me to understand how a small group of radicals, you claim there are 35 training camps for radical jihadists in America. OK. That is tiny compares to the strength of a mid-sized American police force.

Where does this fear come from? What is it’s purpose? And what is it’s resolution in your mind? What would make you feel “safe”? I myself feel pretty safe from jihadists here in the US. Sure there are random acts of violence. We can get caught up in these. I got that. But Sharia Law? Come on now. Get a grip.

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