5 Negative non-verbals that may be losing you clients

I was at a meeting yesterday with several other people, and I noticed some body language cues that just made me cringe. So, I decided to write this post about some things you should avoid if you want to keep your clients.

Your body expresses more than your words alone. This is a fact and it’s easy to understand by thinking of a very simple example.

Think back to one of your frenemies (I’m sure you have one) and remember a time where you shared some amazing news with them: “I won a free trip to Hawaii all expenses paid”. They reply “I’m so happy for you” however, you notice a fake smile, the tone of voice doesn’t sound quite right, the body language is off. Now, take a second to think, were they being genuine in what they said?

Probably not, but this sort of thing happens all the time and you may not always notice. Your body has more to say than your words, think about it for a second. According to research 60 to 93% of the information we transmit to other people is non-verbal. That is huge! and if you don’t know how to use it or read it you can lose some clients. This means losing revenue.

Not to worry, I am here to help you with 5 top things you should avoid in your next meeting with clients.

1) A bad handshake:

Having a bad handshake can be hurting your relationship with your client. Ever had a handshake and was too weak, wet or strong? You didn’t have the most positive reaction towards that person right? Research has shown that a handshake is worth up to 3 hours of face to face time, so make sure to nail a solid handshake.

2) Too little or too much eye contact

You probably have been told many times that you need to have very good and constant eye contact, but that is not totally correct. In western society, 60%-70% is what is considered ‘acceptable’ eye contact. Anything above or below that falls into either creepy or uninterested.

My advice, keep it in the 60% to 70% to build rapport.

3) Blocking

When people feel nervous, uneasy or that someone is invading their space, they tend to engage in blocking body language. This goes from crossing your arms to using an object, such as a purse or book, to distance your body from the person or situation you are uncomfortable with.

When dealing with clients, always avoid blocking. This will make you be perceived as more open, confident and trustworthy.

4) Superiority cues

You buy from people you like. If a person is making you feel inferior, you probably won’t want to work with them. This is why you should avoid superiority cues. From doing a ‘Judge Judy’ (looking at people from over your glasses), to using superiority gazing, these cues can make people uneasy and can lose you clients.

5) Nervous cues

Avoid things like fidgeting, rubbing your hands, preening. These cues make you seem nervous which in turn makes the customer not to trust you. You want to be charismatic and trust worthy, so avoid this cues as much as possible to win your client over.

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Victoria Masso is a Human Dynamics coach and certified body language trainer by The Science of People, a human behaviour research lab. If you want to have more control of your life, professionally and personally, you need to understand how people work

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