Introducing Thrive Style: The New Power Dressing
Arianna Huffington

This is a very valuable article and goes far beyond just “repeats”.

Recently while shopping with bf on Fifth Ave in Manhattan, we noticed a couple of clothing stores really show huge standard difference between men and women’s sections. In men’s section, clothing pieces are of much higher quality (wool, cashmere, etc), and in more timeless colors and designs. While in women’s section, there are overwhelming portion of trendy fashion pieces(think how many clothes you buy and love for a few wears, get tired of before the season ends, and never enjoy wearing again afterwards), with attention-grabbing one season colors/designs (notice in blinding speed huge quantities go on sale and new-yet-similar inventories hit the floor) and high percentage of low quality synthetic material (many of them lose their luster very quickly). And the price of female clothing across the board is SIGNIFICANT higher.

The pop fashion industry not only deeply understands this culture, fully profits from it, it also perpetuates this exhausting stigma ever so subtly, with its ever changing marketing campaigns, celebrity models.

So as woman consumers, we can really break this pattern by first realizing there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing repeats, and perhaps much more importantly find out what you really LOVE. Find those pieces that put a smile on your face and even make you heart sing every time you put them on, for YEARS to come. Invest TIME in finding what they are (and perhaps also who you are), not according to popular expectation, but to your own standards. Then if they happen to be expensive invest money in them. And take good care of them and discipline yourself to resist the temptation to cave in to expectations and manipulative trends.

(BTW please let’s not kid ourselves into believing being ourselves always equates to dressing in cheap clothing. It absolutely can be for some people or some occasions, but only so if it’s coming from your heart, not out of rebellion)

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