Maisie Hart

Suburban housewife Maisie wears her heart on her sleeve. She has a big heart and a large laugh but has had a lot of tragedy in her life. She enjoys telling stories to anyone and everyone who will listen.

She is always on the go and works very hard as a cleaner. Her first job is at 4am and her last one at 2pm. After that she likes to work in her garden at home or spend time with her children.

She has three boys that are all seven years apart. Each one has a different Dad, none of whom are in the picture. She gets on with all of them very well. Though her oldest — who is 22 — is starting to find her more difficult as his girlfriend doesn’t really get on with her.

She started life as a privileged girl coming from a upper middle class background. She lived in a mansion in Surrey with her own horse and two others to take care of. None of her family speak to her anymore and she hasn’t tried to get in touch for years because of the way they treated her.

She loves cars and cakes. She always jokes they are her favourite things. She never wears makeup but has a love of moisturisers too. She doesn’t like people who have their head in the clouds. If they are eccentric or flakey she is unlikely to bother with them. Perhaps because they reminds her too much of a life she was forced to leave behind.

She prefers the hot weather. Even though where she lives in Bristol doesn’t have much good weather.