Sabrina Mooring — Character Sketch — Week 4

[Secondary Character]

Always a little distant, she keeps most people at arms length. Even her house staff find her mysterious, though she argues she just values her privacy. The camera loves her and at the moment, she is the most wanted actress in Hollywood and never out of work. She has everything she ever dreamed of as a little girl. The studio especially love how easy she is to work with, as she doesn’t seem to be attached to anything. It gives her a charisma and that ultimate star quality.

Yet although her brand is one of a happy, down to earth woman. What she hides from the world is a deep unhappiness and longing for an old life. They would never believe that not so long ago, she was an inventor, mother and wife with a beautiful family that lived in a quiet suburban street. She lost the coordinates to enter into the machine to get home.

Just as much as she used to long for a life in the spotlight she now misses everything about her old life. She misses the constant family banter and her friends that live nearby; the anonymity that she used to have to go about her business; the genuine caring nature of the people around her; and the love she felt.

Here, her children were never born and her husband isn’t the same man, he married someone else and lives in India running a call centre. She used to go to great lengths to secretly try and find someone who could help her get back. Eventually though she had to give up and get on with the life she has.

Now the room in her house where she has bought identical things that she had in her old life (old blankets, same sofas, pictures, candles etc) has been locked up. Not even she goes in there anymore.

She spends all her time now working on her body, her acting, her network. Her staff refer to her as “the machine” and though all these things actually make her unhappy it feels good because she is punishing herself for the biggest mistake she ever made.