The Top Tourist Attractions in Basel, Switzerland

Vicky Travlos is an experienced business administrator and sales professional who served six years in the New York City offices of Businessweek Magazine, first as a sales development associate/operations manager with Businessweek TV and later as a customer solutions merchandising associate. Vicky Travlos’ hobbies include attending productions of the Metropolitan Opera and hockey games of the New Jersey Devils. When she isn’t busy close to home, Vicky Travlos loves to visit Basel, Switzerland.

Located near the French and German borders along the Rhine River, Basel is home to numerous public parks and natural spaces including the Zoo Basel gardens in the heart of the city. Also a cultural mecca, Basel contains the highest concentration of museums of any city in Switzerland.

Basel’s museums range from fine art institutions such as the Kunstmuseum and the Jean Tinguely Museum to historical establishments such as the Naturhistorisches Museum and the Basel Paper Mill Museum. Basel is also the home of multiple religious sites and architectural wonders, including the red sandstone Munster Cathedral. Augusta Raurica, Switzerland’s largest area of ancient Roman ruins, is only a 20-minute drive from Basel.

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