“Now, I want it now! Hold on… you said wait a second? No way.” I then delete a new app on my phone.

I am part of the generation spoiled by the convenience enabled by technology. It is indeed a terrible generation, or just an impatient me.

My goal is to use as little time as possible, have as little relationship as possible with any service provider, while achieving greatest of my goals.

Prime Now has been launched recently in Singapore. …

We have finished the whole CS3216 project as the STePS ends. I am really grateful that I have the best classmates with me to get Paperbaton work and now it’s growing everyday.


Before I go to talk about the future of Paperbaton in our plan, I really want to say thank you for all of my teammates. As an inexperienced team leader, I am extremely grateful that my teammates give me lots of useful suggestions and push me to lead the team better. Here I want to thank Sam for giving me lots of BRILLIANT ideas and suggestions that…

Ok it comes to the end of the semester and I just attended the last lecture. I did plan to write an article for whoever wants to take CS3216 since first day of the semester. However, I never think I will encourage people to take it. Well, I guess I am the one that cried most of times during the semester, freaked out, felt hopeless and what ever negative feelings you can image. It sounds terrible right? Are you scared now? Alright, please dont be scared. Read my blogpost and do the right decision.

What we actually did in CS3216?

It was really a very busy week, busy until I almost forgot to eat lunch or dinner. It is very stressed again. Marketing isn’t easy, especially to reach of marketing goal set by the prof, it is not just publicising about a product, but also doing sales. I would love to share 3 tips about doing marketing.

  1. Set a goal. Thanks to one of my teammate, we set a goal in the quite early stage. He pointed out that users wont come at one night and asked us to brainstorm the goal, from which our product benefits.
  2. Tried to use…

It comes to the final project and our team is building a trust community where students can buy and sell materials like past year paper solutions and cheatsheets. We are quite exciting about idea. However, it gets a lot questions asked as I conducted quite some potential customer interviews and I seeked for advice from some experienced entrepreneurs.

First, I will share about what I learnt this week.

  1. Idea is cheap, execution is priceless. The best way to exam idea is not just to image the outcomes, but execute it and ask the potential customers what they want.
  2. Stay the…

  1. Meeting should be effective. A good PM should keep meeting short and keep the words precise. It is very important to have a clear aganeda of a meeting. We had our first two meetings in Week 7 which I think I didnt do well. With my teammates help, we manage to discuss about the hi fi wireframe from the designer. I think I should improve my meeting organisation skill so there will be more input into our meetings. I should make it clear that meeting is a place to discuss, not to do work, in a weekly meeting :D
  2. Side…

Sorry to update the learning for last week late. It has been a busy week.

This week I was working on the favourite feature of our app. Basically, you can save your favourite items, and manage them.

I learnt to communicate with backend developer. I did not do well in the beginning as I always assume backend developer will pass me the right data. After talking to him and learning from him, I realised I should tell him what I need.

I learnt to use promise. Promise is a new feature now available in Javascript. I used it when I…

As an Information Systems student, we are taught to analyse business requirement of clients and transform the requirements to the product requirement for software that is going to meet the business need. We studied project management and other business skills in order to get well in this field, like an entry level analyst. However, my developer friends warned me thousands of time, not to be a PM without a solid fundamental technical skills, because developers hate those PMs that anyhow promised to external partner, hate those PMs who didnt able to communicate with them. …

Today is CS3216 External Pitching session. Although I am not really very tech person, I dont really appreciate idealism. As an Instagram frequent user, I follow many trend-setters on the Instagram. This pitching team is talking about a market place for instagram influencers and F&B companies. They plan to have this market place where companies can find reputable Instagramers to blog about food, advertise the products, gaining like, and impressions.

As an instagramer, I dont really see the potential of this app because of several reasons. I think I get these reflections because I was helping my boss searching new…

It is week 4. It is just week 4, but we have done with our first assignment. We built a Facebook canvas app called Taaag which helps you and your friends to better understand each other by descripting each other’s on the wall. I would like to share a bit about what I learnt in Assignment 1 here.

  1. Full time role as frontend developer. Has been worked with HTML and CSS for around 3 years but it is the first time I explored many new things brought by HTML5 and CSS3. I get quite familar with CSS3 animation this time…

Vicky Zheng

Product | Service Design | Payments | China

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