Introduction & Purpose — My first blog post!

Technology & Kids

Strongly believe in kids are the leaders of the future!
Kids spent hours each day using technology. Whether it’s calling mum/dad, checking when the bus comes or even using snapchat filters to achieve the whole ‘’I woke up like this’’ look. We can all agree technology has a huge impact on children’s lives. Just the other day I walked past my local primary school where kids were playing in groups outdoors. They looked like they were having the absolute time of their lives when I realised… They were on their phones. Not talking to each other, nothing.
As future teachers yes, technology will play a extremely vital role in being vehicles when educating children however it’s important to teach and remind these kids on the correct ways technology should be used. I have seen first hand how technology breaks friendship groups apart simply because of the common ‘’there’s no need to talk, just text me’’.

I’m not saying technology is bad and that kids shouldn’t use it. But, we as future teachers must educate kids on what’s happening in the world through the impact of technology and ways technology can both enhance the teaching and learning process.

Ultimately, the purpose of my blogs will show-case my passion to educate kids, but also in how we as future teachers should use our skills to help those who need. For me, my intentions of becoming a primary teacher is to help children with learning disabilities through using all sorts of technology.
I have created this blog to document my journey in fulfilling these dreams of mine!
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