Auckland deserves more, Phil Goff’s campaign complacency demonstrates a lack of respect for our people and challenges

Well, we are just three weeks from Auckland Council voting papers going out. I have shared my plans for Auckland with as many people as possible.

My opponent Phil Goff still hasn’t announced policy on the two most important issues Aucklanders face, housing and transport. Given he announced his candidacy before me last year, this is complacency at a whole new level.

It’s absolutely clear that our city needs a strong, fresh leader of the future – not more of the same. It isn’t enough to rely on a 30+ year profile in Parliament to bestow one this immense responsibility.

We all deserve a contest of ideas. Not releasing policy for a decent discussion is really disappointing when now more than ever, Aucklanders are demanding real change. How are they meant to judge their decisions and hold him to account if he gets elected?

In pressing Mr Goff about his lack of policy and detail, three weeks out from voting papers, he told me to calm down.

Well you know what, I’m passionate about this. I don’t want another three years of leadership that gets nothing done, of rising rates and of disconnection. No one should sleepwalk into the second most important job in New Zealand, and I’m afraid we will be left again to pick up the pieces.

Our city needs a leader who can think for themself, provide solutions and who most of all is honest. Blue signs don’t erase a record in government of spending, taxing and borrowing. My invitation still stands for Phil to debate me head-to-head in a live public debate.

It’s time for a shake up at Council and this election should be about a contest of ideas along with leadership that can deliver the change and results Aucklanders want.


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