Are we experimenting enough in/for Talent Acquisition?

So let’s get to it, shall we — Why do experiments in the first place?

Well — To see what happens. In it’s simplest and truest form, an experiment is a way of answering questions of the form “What would happen if…?” Experiments often are conducted simply out of curiosity. The outcome educates you of how the system works that I or you couldn’t have learned through observation, it gives you a starting point for further investigation.

What is the agenda of the article? Well for a starter, to ask — if we are experimenting enough in our world of Talent Acquisition? When was the last time you ran an experiment (ignore good or bad)? Did you learn something from it?

Talent Acquisition space is for the people, by the people. If you don’t have the candidates attention — you don’t have them at all. So what’s your plan to get their attention?

So, I had a theory and I researched to learn what experiments are currently being run for Talent Acquisition. I did find many innovative ones around campaign, reach-out etc. But i wanted more , so I had to create one for myself.

My Problem Statement:

I had a theory, a bare shell one, which is, if a candidate lands on the career page, finds the right job and applies for it — only then you have data (resume, etc.) to move forward.

Point is:you have data only if the candidate completed the entire application submission process”.

I was curious to know: How do I get data from the candidate/ keep them engaged/ build my brand, even if the candidate did not complete the application submission process. Is there a way?

Question to all TA/Recruitment folks: Do you have any substantial data for ‘a’ candidates who land on “your” career page and did not submit his/her details?

Most probably you wouldn’t.

In my understanding top three reasons why a candidate landing on the career page and not clicking on apply could be driven by :

  1. non availability of the right job (translates to : chance for TA/Recruitment folks to invest in pipeline and network)
  2. Engagement was missing (translates to : richer engagement needed from TA/Recruitment folks)
  3. Submission process is too long (translates to : do something about it)

Either ways we have a problem at hand to solve.

Curiosity:I found myself repeatedly asking what if I could just talk to them (the candidates), as soon, as they land on the career page. So, I started exploring. What could solve this problem?

Solution: Trust me when I say, the solution came to me over beer with a couple of friends over at TARS. Vinit and Ish (Co-Founders @ Tars) were building Conversational Bots — simple and intuitive.

Product was very simple — how do you get information while conversing? if you figured that out — put all of that logic in a bot, shake it up and you have TARS.

The product and logic just stuck with me.

So i re-imagined: If the candidate was on the landing page, and someone was conversing with the candidate — the way I would, I should be able to get data. Actionable data to be precise. Engagement would be higher and the use case just got broader from there.

So we implemented it (check it out here / Read about it here). And measured it.

The results were fantastic. We quadrupled our inflow of resumes, made great hires, engagement was at an all time high and more importantly “we” proved a point.

The biggest learning from this experiment was the solution was independent of scale and size of ‘a’ company and solutions and ideas can come from anywhere. (Ish and Vinit were primarily building TARS for B2C form filling and data collection, 2 beers and 12 hours later — we were able to adapt ‘TARS’ to the Talent Acquisition landscape)

While this experiment was more to see if we could engage with the candidate as soon as he lands on our career page, and move the needle from there. There are just so many experiments yet to be done that I am looking for every other opportunity to dive deeper into this — it could be around engagement, screening, interviews, branding, on-boarding, anything at all.

I truly believe that for growth (company or personal), one’s commitment to risk and innovation should be absolute. In our world, there are only two classes: either you are a leader or an adopter. Choose wisely on which side are you on.

I hope you had an interesting read. I would love to know, what experiments are you currently running for/in Talent Acquisition. Let me know all about it — share notes, feedback or give me a shout out.

Oh before i forget: what’s your idea or your version of chat bot usage in Talent Acquisition/ HR — Let me know.

Would be happy to answer any questions, exchange ideas and unlearn and relearn.

~Victor C.