Something about my other half

So yesterday I had the chance to give a keynote on finance, the comments I received really have impressed me.

The fact that my communication skills keep going up makes me think there might be a road for me into that.

In México, we have a serious problem about what our experts call “The death valley” and it refers to the following data.

90% of the newborn companies won’t reach the first year in the market, so if we talk of a Universe of 100 companies, only 10 will accomplish the year, and only 3 will reach the second year with non-financial problems.

The government obviously is not talking about this, cause they are very busy talking about themselves, but it´s so difficult to see people faces when you start to tell them the upper road they have just started.

I´m not as good in writing as in talking, so to stop boring you, I am gonna give 5 free advice to overcome this problem, and work not only in becoming one of the 3 survival companies before 2 years.

~ Never start a company with 100% of your own money.

~ Keep a traditional job until the cash flow became enough to pay yourself the same amount of money without affecting the company.

~ Never use your personal assets as the guarantee for a business loan.

~ Register your company for calls and contest organized by the government, learn a lot and look for some money.

~ Always compare the interest rates before taking a loan.

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