JP Morgan and attitude

What the market brings to the customer.
A 200 years old commercial and investment banking institution cannot be wrong.
May be the case for any other investment corporation that would want to burst the on-going market and they may favour technology, which is also good but how and why would an entrepreneur support the idea of JP Morgan funding startups? Well, it may be a broken cooperative or a non-conforming institution that is affecting his status by swallowing and destroying every progress commitment that is been done in the past 2 years.
Maybe he does not want to support the bankers that are willing to destroy everything they do not understand or may he just wants to use PayPal instead of other services.
Why would you support the competition?
Have you been in a position under which the purpose is progress and technology but the result is wrong information and retrograde feedback from non-conscious financial consultants?
It may be the case and may work.
In my experience nor is excellent but what helps you to progress and give something useful to the community.
Don’t let crowded dinosaurs to get in the middle of your career, they’re for some reason and that reason may not be progress.
If for some reason I support 500 and Dave McClure is because of their fine common sense. If for some other reason I support Microsoft and their non-profit organizations is because that is not wrong.

Die dinosaurs, long live unicorns.

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