Congress Party on Loosing Streak

Something dangerous is going on. Congress legacy of mismanagement & misdeeds of past several decades is impacting BJP rule on many fronts. The problems leftover can’t be resolved over 15 months. To top that the rhetoric & dark power of words used by Rahul Gandhi & other opposition parties to a degree forgoes real issues — policy, endorsements, economy — and instead relies on vitriolic & potent language to connect with, often stoking the fears and grievance among. masses.

The most striking hallmark of constant repetition of divisive phrases, harsh words and violent imagery is creating an environment of disappointment and duplicity. It allows opponents to forge bonds with sizable segment stoking. anxieties about changing priorities, economic insecurities, ferocious enemies and emboldened minorities.

The specter of acrimony looms over much of Rahul Gandhi speeches which generally are infused with words like suit-boot, ache din and false accusations. For a man who speaks off the cuff, he always brings up issues like intolerance, love jee-had and Dadri. Such statements and accusations make him seem like a guy who can and will cut through all the BS and do what in your heart you know is right and necessary.

Rahul Gandhi uses rhetoric to erode people’s trust in facts, numbers, nuance, government and the news media. Contrary. to the numbers reported by government agencies, he often declares negative and false information to discredit any improvement in economy and governance. These patterns of elevating emotional appeals over rational ones is a rhetorical style of Congress party. Using fiery language they try to win favor with struggling or scared people. This way they manage to vilify groups of people. and stoke insecurities of their audiences.

Rahul Gandhi’s political campaign is run like a demagogue’s-his language of division, his cult of personality, his manner of categorizing and maligning BJP with a broad brush. History proves demagogues flourish by tapping into the grievances of citizens. Using emotional language and accusatory questions over opponent, it helps them persuade people to pin their anxieties about jobs, racial diversity, social trends and national security on BJP.

People must wake up to the fact that it is the sort of trust me and only me rhetoric that BJP opponents have used to insist that they have unique qualities that will lead the country thru turmoil that they created.

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