Hey what’s up guys!

So I wanted to talk to you… it’s been a little while, we had Christmas already. New Year’s is coming up and.. I actually filmed a video last night, while I was in no state to be filming videos.

Click here to watch the video, or if you prefer, read on.

Yea, let me just tell you guys what's been going through my mind. What's been happening, what's the plan going forward and what we are actually doing.

To be honest I’ve been going a little bit crazy. Really just with the decisions that I’ve forced upon myself and had to work through. The decision is where I should live for the next few years, or at least year. I thought about JHB, I thought about Durban, and I thought about Cape Town. I’ve tested all of that and I’m staying right here! You might say that was a pointless exercise, and in a sense yes it was, but I also feel like it was an important one.

I've made a decision now so I can stop focusing on it and just get on with my work.

You all know I’m on this creative path. I want to build my own personal channels and my brand doing the things that I really love to do. Music, video production, telling stories, making cool songs, and at the end of the day, building a business and helping you guys, you guys that want to do something similar, to actually do it!

I’m figuring a lot out and I’ve pushed hard on learning how to create and publish quality content. I’ve learnt that it’s very important to develop systems and routines that can help you be the most productive and effective. If you can get that right then everything else falls into place.

One of the things that I felt was a blocker is the problem of location.

I want to maximize the potential output and that means that I need to optimise my workflow, optimize my workspace and everything else around me.

“I need to make my lifestyle conducive to creating so that I can be successful in this life-long journey.”

The main takeaway here is that I had a lot of decision fatigue, and if you don’t know what decision fatigue is, check out this wiki.

Basically when you need to make a lot of decisions, or if you can’t make your mind up over something, it uses your willpower. Your willpower is very much linked to your creativity. If your willpower is drained then you won’t have any will to be creative.

I’m trying to eliminate all these decisions that have been weighing on me.

One of the reasons this particular decisions was so difficult to make is if I ask “Should I move to one of the big cities?”

The answer to the question is most likely “yes”, but there are a lot of things to take into account.

The two main reasons to stay are, first of all, this space. It is actually pretty good, has some issues like a acoustics that I’d like to sort out, and also a little bit of space limitations but not that much. overall, it is actually really cool.

The other reason is that it is my parents home and they live upstairs. That can cause some friction but for the most part if you look at the big picture… guys I’m really lucky.

My parents won’t be around forever and I get to spend this time with them. If I was somewhere else, I wouldn’t get to and that time would be gone forever.

It is a bit sad because my mom lives in Joburg and some of my other family as well. People I would really like to build a relationship with. It shows how difficult it can be to build a meaningful relationship with someone if you’re not in the same place.

So my parents… my Dad and my step mom live here. I’ve spoken to them a lot about my goals and I really think they are starting to understand what I’m doing. They haven’t given me full support, because I think it’s hard to do that, but I do think they understand what I’m trying to do. Plus, with the amount of passion and belief that I’m putting into it, I think it’s easy for them to see that I’m serious.

Having all that done has freed up a whole bunch of mental energy to just put towards my work. I’m really happy about that, I’m excited to use that, this is part of it and I think it’s gonna be great!

Now let's talk a little bit about the actual plan, what I’m actually doing.

You guys know that Dystopia exists. If you look at the Dystopia channels you will see I haven't really done as much on them as I'd like to.

It’s pretty good but it’s not where I would like it to be. I really want to up my game on Dystopia in 2017.

Find the project on social media @dy5t0p1a

With my personal channel, I want tell my story, share as must awesome information as I can, and keep it light hearted.

This is simply about doing fun stuff, spreading good information, and sharing my life with you guys.

Follow me on social @VictorVGeiGer

You may have also noticed that I set up business profiles. My business is called GeiGer Media Work and it’s a production company… well it’s not actually a production company, but that’s the goal.

I would like to be able to do full productions for people & businesses in future, and I can already offer some services.

If you want help on a project and you see that you’re missing something that I can provide just reach out, we’ll make a plan.

Follow @GeiGerMediaWork

Also, if you want to collab on anything cool I’m very open to that, but I do want to see that you’ve at least started with a publishing engine and you have a feel for the type of content you’re doing.

If you’re there, let’s work together man! Let’s make some cool stuff yo!! It will help each of us grow so I think that’s a good idea.

OK, this article is going pretty long. I’m gonna end it, peace out bros! 👊✌️🤘