Travel Safe with your Four-Legged Friends!

Traveling is a big part of my job as the live Mascot for Fresno State. My friends at Fresno Lexus were nice enough to loan me a car so I can spread Fresno State pride all over! Thanks to them, I’ve been up to San Francisco, down to San Diego and all over the Central Valley to see my #Bulldogs.

With all that traveling, I’ve picked up a few tricks that my humans and I use to make sure I stay safe each and every ride. Check out my 4 tips below and use them to make sure your own furry friends stay safe too!

1. Buckle Up!

You buckle up in the car, so why not buckle in your pet? I always travel with my harness on and buckled in for my ride. There are plenty of ways to secure your dog in the car including harnesses, crates, backseat hammocks and more. Find what works for yourself and your pup so you can all stay safe!

2. Keep It Cool!

To make sure your canine co-pilot is comfortable during your ride keep the air conditioner on for them. A car can get stuffy and you don’t want them to overheat! Plus, we really like the breeze running through our ears.

3. Roll Down the Windows!

I don’t recommend you leave your pet alone in the car at all, but if you do have to run into a gas station to grab some road trip snacks (beef jerky is my personal favorite) make sure you roll your windows down. It can get very hot very fast in a car even when the temperature is a cool 70 degrees outside. *DISCALAIMER* never leave your dog in the car on a hot day even if it is just for a minute. You don’t want your furry friend to overheat!

4. Take a Break!

Be sure to plan plenty of stops along your route. Your four-legged friends will need to stretch their legs, get a quick drink, a bite to eat and go to the bathroom. Personally, I like to use these breaks to play some fetch and do a little sightseeing!

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