I know that there are people in the world at this very moment, thinking that they are useless, nothing and so many disgusting adjectives that I can never possibly think of. I would have to stoop so low to call someone something they are not. Something that would make them feel as if their life didn’t matter. Well, I’ll tell you right now. Everyone matters, honey. Even you. Maybe you’re not going through a horrible stage of depression, so call yourself lucky. But, I know for a fact and you should too, there is someone out there who is hurting deeply. Who feels the need to cut themselves and cause self-harm to their own person because of the unfixable problems they have to face.
Some problems could be ; Body Insecurities, Low Self -Esteem, Bullying or discrimination, worries over sexuality, relationship problems, isolation and loneliness and so much more. It really hurts to see someone who feels unwanted. It hurts a lot. And just putting myself in that position, really does scare me.
So no matter what pain, hurt, struggle or problem your going through or facing (as I always mention in most of my writing), I hope you have the extra energy deep within your emotions, to keep moving forward. To stay positive no matter how negative your situation is. And know that self-harm isn’t the final answer. Love your body because it loves you. The problems you’re facing now or in life, should not collide with your body and the way it looks because of all the cuts up your arm. You deserve so much more happiness. You deserve just as much laughter as the boys and girls you see at the mall or in public.
We all have problems. We all get tired of them. But we won’t let it get the best of us. Because we are bigger than the smaller things that are bringing us down.
Emotional Reaction
more and more I’m learning
that I have complete control
over my reaction to the actions
of others
and I refuse to allow myself
to provide an emotional reaction
to those who are not worthy
of my energy
I refuse to be broken
by those who have always
been too weak to stand beside me
I refuse to be torn down
by those who sit below me
By R.H Sin
Remember, no matter how bad the weather may seem. The sun will shine again. Kind of like you, no matter how bad the problem may seem or is, your happiness will always find it’s way back to you.

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