Week 1 CNA assignments

Why this professor is wearing a bulletproof vest to class

Heads turned; as a professor from the University of Kansas made a statement by wearing a bulletproof vest to class. His reasoning was in protest of a state law that consented to concealed carry on college and university campuses in 2013. Although the event did not disturb the mandate of the university; it shows professors can have a huge impact beyond their classrooms.

Zombie dogs’ roaming near Chicago are infected coyotes, police warn

A strange phenomena has occurred in the city of Chicago; reoccurring diseased coyotes emerge in a near suburb. The Event has caused a disturbance among the citizens in the area, for fear that contact with the creatures could spread the disease to their household pets. Although the coyotes have not been aggressive, police advised citizens to stay away from the reported “Zombie Dogs”.

21-year-old woman dies in ‘train hopping’ incident

A tragic event has stunned the city of Pa; a 21 year old college student found dead at a railroad track. Joined by a young man the two were reportedly train-hopping; this caused the unfortunate event. Though the fatality occurred no charges were pressed after the incident.

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