Formal: An act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something.

I’ve been looking for clarity. Clarity within myself, clarity with my purpose, my desire, my direction, my feeling toward the space in which I work. You see, working in a world that moves so quickly leaves little time for evaluation.

I don’t know about you (for any marketers reading this) but I feel our space has become crowded, so incredibly crowded with opinion. I’m not one who follows the status quo. I won’t jump onto something because it is the latest ‘must have’ app, platform, technique or whatever it is because everyone else is doing it. But right now, I am seeing a sea of content that is the same, day in, day out …. different voices speaking similar words. Sure when something is popular, I see the need, desire and want to jump on and try something, we don’t innovate if we don’t do that, right?

Or, is that really the case?

Are we actually being innovative if we all follow the same path and become a group of harmogonised beings all speaking the same, or at least very similar words? This is something I’ve been struggling to fathom. You see, in a world where we are all encouraged and, we all encourage others to embrace who they are, to embrace authenticity, to tell our own stories, Are we all really doing that if we are just giving our version of ‘Instagram Stories’ because everyone is talking about it. Does value diminish because all we see (and all I’m increasingly seeing, is opinion from every angle possible toward the same latest craze, phase or whatever it may be and, in majority, it is very argumentative opinion). Or, do we actually innovate by taking a step back.

This is something I have been doing more and more lately, to actually understand how I can take action, to find meaning and apply meaning to how I and how my clients are really able to fully benefit from the developments and progress happening in the space.

I’ve been a little more absent recently, on sharing my opinions on the latest ‘trend’s’ because I feel like social media has become a little bit of a negative battle field. I have no time for negativity and believe that positivity in mindset and in application is KEY to being successful as a business owner. So rather than getting embroiled in the latest debate I have been working my brain overtime to apply my learnings and deliver the best possible strategies to the clients I work with … whilst all the time being fully aware that I’m ‘not creating video content’ as I’m told I should be or I’m ‘not posting to Instagram stories daily’. You see my thought is this, if I am jumping on board the latest ‘thing’ just ‘because’, and offering up opinion just because, then what value do my clients actually get from that? Sure my Snapchat views may decrease, or I may not get as many re-tweets, or my post may not generate as many ‘likes’ because I’m not necessarily talking about the ‘popular thing’ but my client loyalty is only increasing, by the day. The satisfaction in that is something incredibly special to me. I am motivated by helping people to achieve solutions, goals and outcomes, not by doing something just because it is the popular thing to do at the time.

Stepping back has been a great thing.

I’m not sure what it is, call it awakening or whatever, but I really am quite happy just taking a step back, simplifying things and working out how things can be applied, implemented and acted upon, rather than just offering up and opinion in a sea of opinions that are overwhelming and not constructive or action driven. Positive thinking has always been my way and navigating through this space right now, to cut out the noise, requires positivity and action. Action over negative opinion any day.

Someone who has become a real inspiration to me in the way he writes, the way he thinks and the way he inspires me once said this to me… ‘We spend all of our lives trying to fit in, but the people we admire the most are the ones that stand out’ It’s kind of stuck with me ever since he said it. And I think this is the underlying discontent with this particular space right now… what once seemed very diverse and positive in content has become very similar and far too negative. We live in a time where we are blessed with the rapid changes in technology and social media, My choice is to use them with positivity, to stand out and to make a difference to those who trust me to look after them.

Taking a step back and ‘awakening’ so to speak has been a very positive journey for me over the past couple of months and long may it continue! So while I may not offer up my opinion or get into the latest heated debate, I am taking action, applying positivity and trying to embrace the space to make a positive impact to all those I work with.

We are blessed right now, we have multiple avenues to communicate, grow relationships and create more meaning than we ever have before. But, if we embrace our individuality, our true individuality not just because something is hot topic, or because we feel the need to argue a point, then we make a difference, a positive one. Firstly for all of the clients that we are blessed to work with and secondly, because it’s something I feel this space really needs right now!