What’s The Craic With The Social Media Summit Ireland?

I’ve always liked this quote ‘Live for the moments you cannot put into words’. I’m not sure where to begin when it comes to putting my experience of the Social Media Summit Ireland into words, but I’ll give it a good go! It was an event that is so difficult to put into words because there were so many WOW moments. Everyone who experienced those few days in Ireland will know exactly where I am coming from when I say this. It was truly a special event in many ways and I am already looking forward to hot-footing it back over to Ireland next year for 2017, for round two.

Vision, With Action, Can Change The World

It certainly changed Ireland, that’s for sure!

Samantha Kelly, known to many as Tweeting Goddess, had a vision. Her vision was to bring Ted Rubin to Ireland. She achieved that at the culmination of the Social Media Summit Ireland ending with a mind-blowing keynote presentation that ended with applause and a standing ovation. In addition to this, Samantha’s vision brought together a group of people whose paths may have never crossed, had she not been so determined and taken action to deliver what I deem to be an outstanding event for those few days we spent in Dublin. Samantha, I personally thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my passion, by giving me the opportunity to be a speaker at this event, and to do so with Brian Fanzo, someone who I have personally looked up to in the social space for years, but more importantly, for bringing together a group of passionate, inspirational, creative, special individuals and for providing a moment in time where friendships and relationships were established, developed, strengthened and are continuing to devleop long after we have left the beautiful Emerald Isle. Your vision, will continue to inspire and impact me, long after the event is over.

Samantha Makes Her Vision A Reality With Action

Ní neart go cur le chéile

These words translated are a famous Irish saying meaning ‘there’s strength in unity’. There was huge strength in the unity of people during the days that were spent at the Social Media Summit Ireland. That unity, achieved something phenomenal. It achieved a first in the social media world for Ireland, a first for the community that attended, a first for the speakers that attended. It provided an arena for learning, for actionable change, for inspiration and for learning. Those learnings, I’m already seeing being implemented by people who atteneded and I am personally implementing the learnings that I took away from the event.

The Line Up

I’m not going to list every single speaker, topic and discussion that took place during the social media summit, but what I will tell you is this, the variety, and quality of content that Samantha and Tom Williams organised for their first social media summit was outstanding. There were so many key learning points for both attendees and speakers. I took away many learning points from people that I deem to be the best in their areas of expertise. Quality was the essence of everything this event was about. I can not even begin to imagine how next year can match what we experienced in Dublin this year, but if Samantha and Tom have anything to do with it, it’s set to be another mind blowing experience for all who attend.

Cram-Packed With Content

In-Between Moments

If there is one part of this blog that I would like you to pay attention to the most, it is this part (so all eyes on this please…). Throughout the duration of my trip to Ireland, I paid super close attention to what was happening off stage, as much as I did to what was happening on stage. Since starting to use Snapchat a few months ago now, I have been a big fan of paying close attention to in-between moments of people’s lives, the moments that aren’t the ‘main event’ so to speak. What I learned was this, watching KEY social media influencers and speakers engage, grow relationships and make people feel valued is not something that is just done online. It is a part of the makeup of the people that they are; kind, thoughtful and supportive with a desire to see others achieve and succeed. I lose count of the amount of conversations I saw taking place between influencers, speakers and the people that they were supporting with advice over the days that we spent in Ireland. I lose count of the friendly smiles, reassuring hands on shoulders, brainstorming sessions and discussions taking place away from the main event. It was pretty amazing to both watch and be a part of! These moments, are the ones where people feel the most valued, most listened to and most cared about. It comes down to people, everything is down to people, how you make people feel, how you nurture and grow relationships. The very ethos of Ted Rubin’s keynote message was both present on stage and off stage that week in Ireland … it was the off stage that was special for me to watch closely. People that walk the walk and don’t just talk it. Seeing the off-stage support, at the back of that room (you can learn a lot from the back of a room, believe me) from key influencers and speakers, for every single presentation throughout that event, showed the support and care that was there both for the community at the event and in the respect that was held for Samantha.

You Can Learn A Lot From The Back Of A Room

Speaking of in-between moments …

Outside of the main summit event, the laughter, the spirit, the ‘craic’ as it’s so affectionally called in Ireland was an experience I will not ever forget. What a great time we had those few days, as we gathered to spend days and evenings enjoying each others company and a pint or two of Guinness. I cannot list everyone who made the event so very special for me, but I have to say to Samantha, Tom, Melonie, Ted, Brian, The (real) Ian Cleary, Ian Anderson, Steve, Naomi, Jenny, Scott, Emeric, Julia, Joanne, Trevor, Rosemary, Hannah, Carol, Paul, Denise, David, Ineke, Marie, Mairead, Hanna, Sean and Antonio (wow what a big bunch of people)… Thank You, A Great Big Huge Thank You for making this the experience it was. It could not possibly have been spent with a nicer group of people.

Kindness Is Everything

The people of Ireland are kind. Very Kind. Going back to the opening night of the summit, beautiful words were spoken, and the message rang loud and clear throughout the whole of the Social Media Summit Ireland, ‘There are no strangers in Ireland, only friends you have yet to meet’ (I’m getting Goosebumps writing these words) as the meaning they hold couldn’t have been more true for what I was fortunate to be a part of for the days we spent in Dublin. Irish spirit is infectious and kindness was the epitomoy of everything about this event.

I’m So Glad Our Paths Crossed

If We Can Apply Irish Kindness And ‘Just Be Nice’ …

…to everything we do, on social media, in real life and take the message from Ted Rubin’s keynote by applying it to our personal lives and our businesses, then we have learned the most valuable lesson of all. People are everything. It doesn’t matter what we have to offer or to sell to them, without a relationship, without actually ‘being social’, without taking the time to be nice and to be kind, we lose, as business owners of course, but more importantly we lose as people. The Social Media Summit Ireland had many key learnings, tips and advice when it comes to social media for our brands and businesses, but if we strip it back to basics and simplify it all, People lie at the heart of everything.

Here’s To Next Year

Huge congratulations to Samantha, to Tom and to everyone who took part in this year’s Social Media Summit. It was a resounding success and I shall keep looking at the Social Media Summit Ireland Website for updates, and look forward to returning to Dublin for more next year!