Texans, Are You Registered to Vote for the March Primaries? Last day is Feb, 5th.

Victoria O'Dell
Jan 29, 2018 · 3 min read

Hey, Texans. You might have recently marched at the Women’s Marches held around the nation but are you registered, if eligible, to vote? The deadline to register is Monday, February 5th if you want to vote in the upcoming March primaries.

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These folks look like they’re having a great time right? (Image source w/edits by me)

🗳 Why Should You Vote in the Primaries?

This year is a big year for Texans of voting age and eligibility. Showing up at the polls for the primaries is one way we can influence the November General Elections.

The Statesman recently outlined 5 races to watch this primary election. One of those races being the race for the Texas Governors seat. Greg Abbott, current Texas Governor, will be running along with a few other candidates. You can view a full list of who is will be on the the 2018 Primary ballot at this awesome Texas Tribune page.

So below is some information you need to be ready so you can show up to the polls this March and again in November.

This is especially important since Texas has one of the lowest voter turnouts. So much for being a great state. And Primary elections generally have lower turnout than General elections.

But, before you can vote for the primaries you need to registered!

📝 How to Get Registered to Vote

Unfortunately, unlike some other states, Texans can’t register online or on the day of elections. This means we need to physically fill out a form and be sure that it gets turned in to the tax office.

The form you fill out should look similar to this.

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The form you fill out should look like some variation of this

To find one of these forms I suggest doing the following

  • Go to your local Tax office, Voter Registrar office, County Clerk, or Elections Administrators office and request a form. Check their website or call before heading over. You want to be sure they have forms and you have the right office before making a trip.
  • Call your local library and see if they have forms you can fill out there. Sometimes local branches will carry them.
  • Be on the lookout for folks who might be set up at events or community spaces to register others. Folks registering others to vote are Voter Deputy Registrars and took a short class and pledge in order to be able to do this (I’m a registrar if you need some help getting registered in Travis county). They should have forms and can help answer questions you have about getting registered. It is their job to give you a registration receipt and turn in your form. Keep the receipt in your wallet or somewhere safe.
  • Check out the VoteTexas.gov website for more options such as printing off a form and mailing it yourself.

If you have moved to a new place recently or don’t remember registering it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Need to check if you’re already registered to vote in Texas at your current address? Check the the Texas Secretary of State site.

✉️ What’s Next?

Once you’re registered you should receive a card in the mail that confirms your registration within 30 days. In the meantime be on the lookout for information about folks running for office in your local county.

So grab a friend or a coworker and get registered to vote!

📚 Some Additional Resource

Looking for additional information about voting?
View some FAQs on VoteTexas.gov.

Have something else to share to help Texans vote this year? Drop a comment.

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