Texans, You Missed Early Voting! 
Here’s What To Do Next.

Texans, You just missed early voting which was October 23rd through November 3rd but you have one last chance to get your vote in. This Tuesday, November 7th between 7am and 7pm(though polling hours may vary by location 😔) is Election Day and your last chance to get your vote in for 2017.

Use what is left of this weekend to read up on what’s on this year’s ballot.

🗳 Understand What Texans Are Voting On

There are 7 amendments to the constitution on the November ballot that every Texan will be voting on no matter what county you are in. You can read up on the amendments at the below links. I’ve ordered them below from easiest to understand to hardest:

Note: Additional items will be on the ballot that vary county to county. I encourage you to check out local newspapers, new sites, and trusted sources to learn more about local issues on your ballot. In Travis County we are voting on two bonds.

🔍 Review Some Ballot Guides

After getting a basic understanding of what we are voting on checking out some ballot guides can help better inform your decision at the polls. They’re packets of information put together by organizations to inform and influence your vote. Below is a non-exhaustive list from some organizations across Texas.

Have some other guides to add? Link them in the comments and I can add them here with credit or I encourage you to also make your own post with additional resources.

📍 Find Your Polling Location

Unfortunately there isn’t one site where Texans can find their polling location (can we get working on this?). Checking local government sites and newspapers would be best for finding where you need to go.

For Travis county you can check the County Clerk website or the pdf of locations.

If you’re still having some trouble finding out where to vote you can also call your elections administrator Monday before Election Day.

📚 Some Additional Resource

Need to check if you’re registered to vote? 
Check the the Texas Secretary of State site.

Looking for additional information about voting? 
View some FAQs on VoteTexas.gov.

So grab a friend or a coworker this coming Tuesday and vote!