10 Apps that Will Help You Find Your Way Around New Cities

Victoria Howes
Apr 6, 2018 · 4 min read

You’ve read all the travel guides, taken the time to help your customers find the best destinations, and provided them with the best information to make their dreams a reality with your travel marketing tips from squareship, but how can you help them really make sure their trip is legendary? Give you clients the tools to go beyond the travel plans with these amazing apps.

Deciding what you want to do in a new city can be tough. Sometimes there are so many options it can be overwhelming, but fear not, these apps will help you navigate through a city just how the locals do, so pass them on to your clients!

  1. Spotted By Locals

There is no better way to see a new city than to see it how the locals do. Skip the lame touristy attractions and indulge in the secret hidden gems within the city streets. The best thing about going to the locals’ spots is meeting the locals. You may meet a friend or two and they can give you more tips for their city or teach you why they love to call it home!

2. Nearify

This app is amazing for finding events near you. If you like live music, trivia night, farmers markets or street fairs, this app is for you. No more awkwardly asking people what to do at night, or walking the streets looking for the liveliest bar. This app will show you the hottest events happening, the exact location and what time to be there.

3. Sidekix

If you are someone who enjoys aimless walking and traveling on foot to get to know a new area, then you need to check out this app. Other walkers like you get on this app and share the route of their lovely walk. As more and more people share, you can choose from a wide variety of other beautiful walks people have taken to get the best views of the city.

4. iTranslate

This app is a must for those who travel overseas often. iTranslate gives you the power to carry over 90 languages in your back pocket. No more impossible language barriers, or struggling to ask for the bathroom. You can have conversations with locals and even attempt to order food in their native language. Locals will appreciate your attempt to familiarize yourself with their language and offer you their kindness in return!

5. Dark Sky

This app will help you outrun the rain! Dark sky provides the most accurate, live rain forecast from all over the globe. An interactive map will help you avoid the rain while exploring a new city. No more unexpected rain showers, drenched clothing, or ruined beach days! This app has got you covered.

6. App in The Air

The must-have app for frequent flyers. This app plans out everything you need to know about your upcoming flight. It has flight times, boarding passes, itineraries and airport maps. You’ll never miss a flight or get lost in an airport ever again.

This app relieves a lot of stress for me in airports. Before, I was constantly worrying about making it on time and being scrambling to find my gate in the airport, but now traveling feels easy and I no longer stay up worrying the night before about missing my flight the next day!

7. iOverlander

If you are one who likes experiencing a new city by camping in it, check out iOverlander to find the best camping spots in the area. Campers like you go on the app and mark spots they have camped out at on their adventures. A lot of these people are van lifers and RV campers who mark the best Walmarts and overnight parking spots in the area. Some of these spots are from serious backpackers who camp in remote areas and give directions on how to get there too. Either way, it’s a great tool to look at if you are headed to a new place. Always check to see if there are any spectacular camping spots you may be missing out on!

8. Pack Point

Are you always feeling like you are forgetting something when you are traveling? With this app, you will never leave anything behind. You type in your next destination and the dates you will be there, and then it will ask you what kind of activities you will doing (business, honeymoon, beach trip, ski trip, etc.). Then this app gathers information about the weather and lifestyle from your destination, and helps you create the perfect packing list. Are you going to need 2 pairs of socks or 3? Pack Point will tell you.

9. Sky Scanner

Another important app to have if you are a frequent flyer! This app keeps track of the cheapest flights and greatest deals happening in all airlines from around the world. This will help you save hundreds of dollars on flights without having to search endlessly through millions of different websites. All of the cheapest flights, all in one place.

10. Maps.Me

Like Google Maps, Maps.Me can take you virtually anywhere, but the great thing about Maps.Me is that you can download the directions, and then use the navigation when you need it, even if you don’t have a good connection! This is so important to have, especially if you are in a new, foreign place where you are at a greater risk of getting seriously lost.


Traveling with these apps in your back pocket will make your traveling experience much more pleasant and enjoyable. They can help your clients see the city like a local, find the best camping spot, the cheapest flights, speak in other languages, find cool events, beat the rain and never forget something at home again. All for a better, stress free adventure while navigating through new cities.

Victoria Howes

Entrepreneur, Traveller, and Consultant. Follow my adventures on victoriahowes.com

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