Jumping the Writer’s Block Wall

Victoria Howes
Mar 9, 2018 · 4 min read

The need for content marketing is growing and so, it’s not just published authors and journalists who face writer’s block these days. This condition occurs when the ability to churn out new work is impacted. A time-consuming and frustrating problem, it can be cured.

Why is it important to create compelling content?

It is absolutely essential that you generate content on an ongoing basis for your target market. Keeping your audience interested is what will transform them from a reader into a customer. Every piece of content you craft for business promotion ought to push the reader through the all-important sales funnel. This can be accomplished by touching upon a subject that is relevant to what you are promoting and gently incorporating a call to action (CTA) into the content.

However, the most compelling pieces of content will not be pushy or ‘salesey’ but instead, they will paint a picture of your expertise in whatever niche you specialize in. Furthermore, an impactful piece of content will solve a problem and help the visitor in some way. Do this consistently and you could establish yourself as an expert in your field.

How does writer’s block happen?

There are many reasons why someone may fall into a slump when it comes to producing new and engaging content for their audience.

A creative hiccup, if you will, writer’s block is a concept that was first described as an “indefinite indescribable terror” by an English poet named Samuel Taylor Coleridge. No matter how talented an author might be, writer’s block is, unfortunately, a condition that most writers will endure at some point or another. Distraction is a main cause of creative difficulty. Alternatively, life events such as fiscal problems, the death of a loved one or physical illness may result in writer’s block.

Did you know that stress may cause the cerebral cortex inside the brain to relinquish control to the limbic system? This can halt creativity, so make a habit of setting aside some time for yourself. Always surround yourself in a tranquil environment when writing. It’s always nice to write with a view, too. If you can use Google Docs on your smartphone or iPad, why not kick back on a comfortable chair inside an ocean-facing cafe? (Make sure the cafe has good WiFi if you choose to do this!)

Practicing Daily Rituals to Prevent Writer’s Block

The good news is that you can avoid those annoying cases of writer’s block, if you change your daily habits. I cannot stress the importance of exposing yourself to a change of scenery every so often, whether it is by walking in the park, driving to the nearest coastal region or visiting a friend for a quick cappuccino! Our minds must be exercised in order to stay focused, so keep this in mind.

Drink plenty of water and maintain concentration by drinking coffee in moderation. Writing down a to-do list will prove more useful than you might initially think. Seeing your tasks written down will stimulate motivation and help you to cross them off the to-do list.

I’ll admit that, sometimes, I write down a few tasks I have already accomplished, simply for the satisfaction of ticking them off as ‘completed’. This propels my productivity and makes me work harder — give it a try.

Below are some additional tips that aid me in preventing writer’s block:

  • Eliminate distractions, e.g. smartphones, televisions and busy spaces.
  • Dim the lights in your working space to encourage internal reflection.
  • Listen to ambient music to calm the mind and promote creative thinking.
  • Reawaken the writer within by reading books, articles and blogs for inspiration.

Useful Technology for Overcoming Writer’s Block

It’s not just making simple lifestyle changes that can turn you into a viral content creator but also, by taking advantage of technology. Thanks to the rapid rate at which technology is evolving, writer’s worldwide can now utilize apps and tools that will keep their creative spark alive.

I recommend the following technological inventions for all of you entrepreneurs out there who need to generate content that is both informative and actionable:

  1. UnstuckWhether you are experiencing writer’s block due to procrastination, lack of motivation or negative thinking, this app will help you to overcome those hurdles by dishing out daily problem-solving advice.
  2. Get PromptsGain access to over 300,000 creative writing prompts by simply installing this app and touching a button. This writer’s block ‘cure’ really is that straightforward.
  3. Word SwagThe custom text layouts that can be created on this text, word and quote generator will keep you focused. Word Swag can be used on an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
  4. Inspiration MapsMany students favor this app, which is designed to aid writers in broadening their literacy skills and ability to think on a cross-curricular level. The app combines graphic organizers with diagrams for effective visual learning.
  5. Brainsparker — Thousands of writers across the globe are utilizing this app, which offers a 24/7 tool for sparking new ideas. How, you ask? Well, the free creative app provides the user with an easy to follow schedule, daily brain workouts and more than 250 creativity prompts!

Remember that you don’t have to be a perfectionist to be a good writer. In fact, perfectionism is a major cause of writer’s block, because perfectionists are never truly satisfied with what they write and will ultimately lose their ‘mojo’. Relax and try not to succumb to pressure. The more relaxed you are, the faster the words will flow. By combining good writing etiquette with the tools mentioned above, it’s possible to beat writer’s block and start generating hugely successful posts.

Victoria Howes

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Entrepreneur, Traveller, and Consultant. Follow my adventures on victoriahowes.com

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