My journey to American Express through GHCI !

I got a full time offer as a Software Engineer at American Express through GHCI 2018. This blog covers my entire journey and the interview process.

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At GHCI 2018 , BIEC, Bengaluru

Grace Hopper Celebration India is Asia’s largest gathering of women in technology. It is brought up by partnered by ACM India.

I got to know about GHCI during my journey a lead of Developer Students Club by Google Developers and was sponsored by Google to be a part of this celebration. GHCI is 3-day celebration which includes a wide variety of events ranging from technical sessions , Tech Expo, mentoring by leaders from various organisations and much more. One of the main attraction is the CAREER FAIR. You can expect all your dream companies (Google, Microsoft, Intuit, JP Morgan and the list goes on…)to be in front of your eyes.

To register for the career fair you don’t need to be physically present. One can submit her resume online on the GHCI resume database website and once shortlisted you would be contacted by the recruiter. But if you are traveling to the fair you should definitely carry around 10–15 copies of your resume and be prepared for giving on spot interviews which usually happens.

The career fair opens on the 2nd day of GHCI which continues on the 3rd day as well. While you visit different booths you can talk to the people of different companies , ask for opportunities and also ask if they are holding on spot interviews.

I went early to the fair at 9am on the 3rd day, had a conversation with the team of AMEX and got to know they were holding on spot interviews and were hiring freshers. The beauty of the career fair is, you are chosen based on your resume and not on the basis of the college tier you belong. Being from a tier-3 college , I can never expect AMEX to visit my campus for recruitment.

After about 2 hours, I was called for my first interview round. It was focused primarily on my resume, I was asked deeply about my projects and my internships and then was followed by questions on computer fundamentals and my core subjects like DBMS, Operating Systems, Networking. Since I was in my final year and was already preparing for companies , I had done some revision and was able to answer most of the questions. At the end , I also showed my project (an android application) which was luckily in my mobile device that time. The interview lasted for around 30–35 minutes and then I was asked to wait for further communications.

It was lunch time by then and I had just sat for eating when I got a call that I was selected for the next round and I had to present immediately for it. I rushed and had to pass 2 buildings to reach to the spot which took me around 10 minutes but by then the director who was to take my interview had left. I was asked to wait for half an hour until he was back. Then began my 2nd round or I’ll say my last round. It was a pen and paper technical round and I was asked to write code of the given problems in any language I was comfortable in. We also had a conversation on my resume , and what all other activities had I been a part of during my college years. I was also given a chance to ask questions if I had any. The round lasted for around 40–45 minutes. Since I had my flight the same day, I was told I would be looped in for further communications.

It was 9pm when I had landed and as soon as I had switched on my phone I had received a mail that I was offered a full time role as a Software Engineer at American Express. I was rejoiced !

The entire process happened on the same day which included receiving the offer as well unlike the multiple days or months that usually interviews take . It was a tiring day but the processes went really smooth.I believe my tiredness just vanished away in the brink on an eye on reading that mail.

So, that was my journey . Do 👏 if you like it or was of any help to you. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn for any personal queries.

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