After finished the Bootcamp at Juno College, I decided to do something to improve my Pokémon App. The game will always improve and update the newest version!


This project is based on a turn-based combat game. The player can choose their Pokémon and CPU Pokémon. Using the Pokémon API to extract specific information about the selected Pokémon.

If you are interested to build a website by yourself, this article will guide you “How to make a simple website” on your own. As a beginner, The guild would be stick with clear, simple, and easy steps to build up a website.

First of all, we need a “tool” to build our website. You can choose .txt file to start up.

Note: “.txt” is already in your computer system. You don’t need to do any installation. (Notepad)

In our .txt file, type the following template to build up your website, you will always need an open <html> and closing…

how to publish my website in the internet world? Juno did teach me how to upload our website live! I am so thankful that I understand the power of the internet website.

Git Hub is your best friend to store up your HTML and CSS projects. I have uploaded two of my projects today (25 May 2020) and will have more complete projects coming up. I feel excited to create and update each project website into a present & professional website!

Project 2 is more focus on using flex-box and SCSS. This project 2 is very challenging to me because…

Week 1 projects at Juno

As a Front end developer, my first project is fully done by myself and I think I could handle it. Throughout the projects, there are a couple of problems that I’ve been struggling with.

  1. Start by understanding how to use a software called cmder. The software would help us upload our project into Github. There are a couple of steps and commands to remember, but it was quite fun to use the software haha!
  2. Project 1 is restricted to use display: flex, this means we can purely use float, display:inline-block, position: absolute, etc to adjust…


Front End Developer

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