Critics Of Hillary Are Not Responsible For Trump
Michael Tracey

Even though I am Green, I honestly feel like we dodged a bullet by NOT electing HRC.

We got through John Bolton and other horrors in the past and we will get through him again, but it’s not clear we would have survived HRC’s WW3 with Russia and continuing regime change.

That was her call, threaten the voters with war to scare them, and it blew up in her face. Trump looked sane compared to her when he said it’s better if we get along with Russia, then go to war with them. No one wants war except the Neocons and almost no average voting Americans are actual Neocons.

John Bolton in exchange for TPP? I’ll take it.

A Roe v Wade battle in the streets instead of endless war? I’ll take it. The Rs will wish they never tried that after the tsunami of women appears in DC. Of all the years the threats have been slung around, the worst time ever to try to actually touch Roe v Wade is after a woman won the popular vote but lost the election. The Rs are walking into a disaster for their crusade.

The real way these things are lost is silently and carefully and in a way that people don’t realize until it is too late. That battle is already long underway and chipping away at Roe v Wade quietly while the Ds lose their support by more and more corruption for personal wealth and power in the quest for more and more huge campaign coffers. We cannot rely on a D in office to protect women’s rights — they are not a D, they are the corporation and the billionaire who created them, and their hands are tied.

Look what Obama did silently, while no one was looking? Now people are afraid that his Orwellian security state will go into Trump’s hands, but they didn’t do anything, not really, when it was happening. They didn’t rampage in the streets. What could they do?

The real danger is the Neocons that Trump is embedded with, but there’s little we can do about that. If we’d elected HRC, we would have elected a Neocon — at least we did not directly elect one.

We got through Bush. We will get through Trump.

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