How To Fight The Establishment Propaganda Machine And Win
Caitlin Johnstone

The reason the Democratic Party cannot be changed from within is a simple math problem.

It is not about the candidates — their hopes, their dreams, their voting records, the public desire for change, etc. It’s simply that they cannot stop taking corporate/billionaire money, given the current system of campaign finance. If they stop, and the Republicans do not, they will lose all of their races.

One would think that the current crisis the Democratic party is experiencing would cause them to support more progressives, but instead, they are doubling down and punching out anyone who appears to be an actual progressive, forcing Establishment war hawks down everyone’s throats.

In the short term, Bernie and Elizabeth Warren will be used to corral everyone back into the Establishment, once again, and that’s the real danger.

As much as we all love Bernie, a President Bernie Sanders, unfortunately, would be easily manipulated into bombing by the Deep State, as would Elizabeth Warren (who had already opened the door to bombing Iran). Neither has shown any real ability to stand up to power — they do as they are told, even as the *words* that come out of their mouths are a neat and tidy package of progressive wishes that so many hope for.

What really has to be done is to break the two-party corporate-owned hold on our county and open things up to Proportional Representation — it doesn’t solve every problem but it changes the ever-increasing downward spiral. There are many electoral reforms that can change what working inside the corporate owned parties cannot.

This doesn’t mean that Bernie or Warren do nothing — they do create the critically important image in people’s minds that is the baby baby step toward making those things happen.

But rather than hand that power off to those who *can* make it happen, they turn around and go home to the Establishment, where wars are started for profits and where Jerry Brown’s support of private prisons is hushed-up or ignored, while Trump’s support is gasped at. The propaganda to protect Jerry is created by the legacy media that then spoon-feeds it to millions who watch their faces on TV every night, comforted that all is well — the Democrats *want* to do the right thing, they are the good guys.

Mainstream news didn’t used to be the enemy, but today, they are one arm of the Pentagon and the Democratic/Republican Party is another.

The simple math exposes why we will likely only do worse than treading water by voting Democrat over and over again, fooled over and over again with words — they literally cannot stop taking the money and doing as they are told or they will cease to exist.

A great example of how they collude is the continuous non-action on the Electoral College — years ago Hillary talked about how terrible it was and I remember thinking how she must be planning to actually do something, finally. Nope. And the Democrats lose over and over because of it, yet no Democrat in power ever lifts a finger in that party to actually change it, decade after decade.

But do you know who is changing it? A grassroots effort by individuals, going state by state, advocated strongly by Ralph Nader and many others, called the National Popular Vote ( That has the best chance to at least change one thing, a big thing.

These types of electoral reforms will do far far more than Bernie or Warren possibly could to change our current system. Maine now has Ranked Choice Voting ( That’s a start.

Proportional Representation, ending Jerrymandering, on and on. But those won’t happen on their own or by voting for a president or a party.

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