Why no Community Track at VidCon Europe 2018?


A lot of people have asked why we aren’t having a Community Track at VidCon Europe 2018. We set out in 2017, not just to replicate VidCon US in Europe, but to build a European VidCon that celebrated and connected fans with their favorite creators around the world.

Here at VidCon, we are all about creating the best events possible for our attendees. We want our events to bring cultures and communities together and to help grow and democratize the creative economy.

For VidCon Europe 2017, achieving that goal was harder than we thought, which became particularly clear when we evaluated the feedback from our Community Track attendees. The Community Track just didn’t deliver what we wanted to give our attendees. We felt that we needed to better engage with Europe’s unique creator communities in order to create a fan experience in the future that is up to our standards.

We made the difficult decision that in 2018, we would leverage our success with the creator and industry communities and continue to build an independent gathering to expand the cross-cultural YouTube and online video movement across Europe.

If you’re looking for an experience similar to our Community Track this year, there are a variety of European events that bring the community together with their favorite creators. We encourage you to seek out one or more of those events, including Summer in the City, Tubecon, VEED, DYTG, and Playcon.

Does this mean we’ll never have another Community Track at VidCon Europe? Not at all. We will continue to support and be part of the broader community, but we felt the best way to do that in 2018 was to focus on enabling and empowering creators of all types and the businesses that support them.


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VidCon is a gathering of online video creators, communities, and industry. Anaheim — Amsterdam — Melbourne

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