For Those Of Us Who Are Lonely.

Syd Wachs
Syd Wachs
Apr 28 · 2 min read

Your mind is your mind,
And I can’t grab the shadows from it and incinerate them for you.

When the shadows creep in, all I want to do is engulf them in a fire so hot they’ll never return.

I want to shine a torch into all the bad places and expel the dark shapes and exorcize the devilish whispers that lie to your sweet soul.

But sometimes I can’t, and I double over in physical heartache.

And I know you’ve thought in fleeting moments of terror how to disappear.

Your mind is your mind and my body isn’t there,
but I can put my hands on your shoulders and look into your eyes and give you the sight of my heart now:

I need you, because you keep me strong.

Because your sensitive soul is something I need to stay here, too.

Because when I think about my life,
I see you in it.

And I see the coffee you love and the see-you-next-times and the way you run fullspeed to me when I come back to visit,

And I can feel your arms around me and the radiance of your smile after months of being apart and there’s a beautiful cord tying us together, it’s almost tangible, can’t you see it?

I see you with me, and I can’t kill those shadows or shine that torch inside you,
but I always feel the things that happened
and the things that will happen
because I have faith that you’ll hold out with me.

That we’ll make it through.

[ —when I think about my life. ]
by Syd Wachs

Syd Wachs

Written by

Syd Wachs

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