To the Creator who feels guilty.

Syd Wachs
Syd Wachs
Jul 19 · 1 min read


You ditch anyone who says,

“To be a creator, you gotta make something every day.

To be a business owner, you gotta hustle and sleep 3 hours a night.

To be a writer, you gotta write first thing in the morning and pound out 8,000 words a day.

To be an artist, you gotta always be covered in paint.”

You ditch those bastards. Do you hear me?

Your life has no space for fools who wanna cut you down whatever way they can find.

Here’s what your life has room for:

Creating whatever has Meaning to YOU.

People who support YOU.

Beauty. Inspiration. Healing. Music. Sunsets.

You do not have space for guilt on bad health days. If you gotta lay in bed all day because your spoons are used up, do not allow that guilt in.

You DO have space for getting in your zone and creating some magic.

Whether that’s dancing naked around a fire or, like me, feeling the silence inside yourself and writing about that darkness —


Do you hear me?

Syd Wachs

Written by

Syd Wachs

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