Why Legacy Servers are not an option for Wow’s Future.

For those of you who are asking for legacy servers, please read the following so you understand the complexity of game design, and why legacy servers are not going to fix Issues that are currently in WoW.

Many people today are advocating for legacy servers with some hope that they will instant resolve all of world of Warcraft design issues and philosophical mess-ups. The truth is this is far from fact, and will result in an even larger set of problems.

Why Was World of Warcraft So “Great In the begging”?
Undoubtedly many people have this view point, but the truth is that the question and though process itself is badly formed and strongly unfounded. This line of questioning assumes that wow is still not a “great” game.

What made wow a stronger game at those times was its social interaction aspects. to make it easy on people to understand imagine you have a trail of bread crumbs on the way to a loaf of bread.

The life of players at that time consist of eating bread crumbs to get to the loaf of bread, Or to collect an epic to get to the goal of being fully epic. At those times this was a very difficult accomplishment.

Looking for group

Later down the line we saw player created concepts (specifically looking for group) that progressed wow into using “looking for group” style of queuing systems. As time progressed blizzard decided to make those avenues of acquiring gear easier, which destroyed the need for the mice to bind together to get the cat away from the bread crumbs and ultimately the load of bread.

Thus, as time progressed wow’s player based started to move away from each other, Guilds lost the social interaction and closeness, and ultimately become a “spam fest” of players with little to no interaction (as it was not mandated on them to do so like in the past).

The Path Going Forward
The path forward is equally important as the path already taken. There is still huge room for improvements in wow, and ultimately any future mmorpgs that blizzard decides to take with them.

For now World of Warcraft needs to look at improvements to the social aspects of wow, specifically when it comes to guild — content interaction. It is critical that blizzard really improves upon this.

A few key examples would be

- PvP Oriented Guild quests (there currently is only ones for battle grounds, while there is Four types of pvp in WoW).

- A stronger development option for Guild questing. This is highly important, the limitdd Gui option being offered by WoW at the moment is a key aspect of the game that could significantly be improved.

- The Above need to have a strong psychological “need” for players to interact with them.

- lastly, Wow could also use some sort of Guild System that would rank guilds more uniquely, specifically that which shows a guild as the most progressed PvP or PvE Guild.