4 Reasons why you should not be together again.

Have you been in a relationship wherein you want that person be back in your life after a break up?. You always said in your mind “Love is sweeter the second time around”. You keep on running back to that person hoping you could bring back your relationship and start over again.

But Listen, if you’re the only one who is still holding on, JUST STOP. Do not be stupid. If he or she doesn't want you in their life again then just STOP because if that person still want you back he or she will also make a move to win you back. Today I have 4 reasons why you should not beg for a second chance.

  1. That person have done enough damage.

If your partner continued to hurt you and being sorry for what he or she did to the point that every sorry seems to be useless already. They don’t deserve a second chance. They’ve already done enough damage to you — physically, emotionally, mentally. It will just be a vicious cycle and you will be continuously hurt to the point that you are Head over Heels.

2.Learn to stand up for yourself.

Have pride my dear, enough pride to stand on your own. If you want real happiness be independent. Grow up, you should not rely your happiness to that person, or to anyone who is not even worthy. Create your own memories — travel with your friends, eat wherever you desire. If he or she don’t love you anymore then just accept it and move on. Yes, it hurts, it hurts so bad but there is nothing you can do about it. Learn to let go because if that person still wants you back, he or she will do everything because sometimes, you are better off without him.

3.Things never happen the same twice.

The reason why you want that person be back besides from you still love him or her is because of the memories both of you created. When you are still moving on, you keep on remembering every bit of those memories you had while you’re still starting your relationship — like your first date, your first kiss. You keep on rereading your conversations on messenger or personal messages. You are daydreaming what it’ll be like to be together again. But the thing is, it will never happen again. It is just in your memory now, when you get too comfortable in your relationship you will start to see their true colors. It will be different, you keep on asking yourself why that person changed?, the true is he or she didn’t change you’re just seeing their true colors.

4.You deserve the Best.

Not better but the best, you don’t deserve someone who doesn’t love you the way you love that person. You should not be apologetic for having high standards in love. If he or she broke up with you, then just let him or her go. I know it is hard at first, but if you really love yourself you are just gonna be optimistic that maybe that person didn’t meant to stay in your life because you deserve the best. Someday you will meet someone who is worth loving. Do not love too much because it will tear you apart. You’re gonna be obsessed thinking that he or she is the only one you will ever love. Do not wait for him or her to comeback, just move on with your life. You can be happy again. Love yourself first and just be patient because Love never fails, if it failed it wasn’t Love.

Just keep in mind that you were happy even before that person came to your life, and that you can be happy again even without him or her.