Why College Life is the Best

Most of us sees college as hell. Tons of paper works,sleepless nights, being broke and heart broken, evil professors which the word “reconsideration” is not in their vocabulary. Well, we may see college in this perspective, but you all should realize that College Life can also be the best out of all your educational career.

  1. Time is in your hand

Yes, it is true because you make your own schedule on which you can either take that subject at 7 am if you are a morning person, or maybe 10 am if you are not a morning person. So yourself is only to be blame if you regretted taking that subject at that time.

2. You are in your legal age

Since you are 18 or above, you can do whatever you want. Party there, drink here, no one can stop you because you’re an adult. Except if you have strict parents, who are always monitoring you wherever you go. But remember do not step out of the line, as an adult you should also learn your limitation or else it may lead to something worse.

3. Saving money is a big deal.

Saving Money is a struggle especially in college wherein you get to pay your tuition fees, school projects, and thesis. But despite of thinking the negative, we should know that carefully and slowly, college teach us to be thrifty which is a good thing that can help us in the future. We slowly put the things to prioritize first, which leads to a factor in being independent.

4. Helps us to be organized which leads to productivity.

In college, you are already on your own, and in college, culture is very different unlike in high school. You get to meet 2 types of person the good influence, and the bad influence and trust me, choosing who you want to be with is very important. So be sure, to set your priorities straight. Have a mindset that you will be organized and be productive, to avoid procrastination. But, being productive yet not organized leads in such a big mess. There’s a difference. So if you do not want this to happen. Learn to write down the things you must accomplish before doing it.